Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 995

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“I’ve already sent my people in to save Cordy.”

Patrick turned towards Sean, noticing the repressed panic in the latter’s voice.

“You’re just going to kill yourself if you went in,” Sean added firmly.

Patrick clenched his teeth, but there was no doubt that he was always messing up when Sean was

That, and Sean would definitely care about Cordy since they were cousins who were more akin

But while Sean was always calm and composed in the face of trouble, Patrick only ever seemed to
cause trouble.

‘Calm down,” Sean assured him. “Cordy is going to be safe.”

Patrick glanced at Sean, feeling a tinge of comfort for some reason-as if he knew Sean would come
good on his word and save Cordy.

He had no idea when, but he seemed to have gained a sense of trust towards Sean even though he
couldn’t stand the man.

After all, Sean was too cunning and kept everything close to his chest; as such, one shouldn’t get too
close to him.

Nonetheless, they both waited anxiously outside for the rescue team to get Cordy out.

The Lynds were there too, maintaining order and doing a headcount, all the while apologizing and
promising reparations.

They certainly looked like they were eager about rescue and damage control.

Meanwhile, Patrick waited for what seemed like a century.

He was about to give in and rush into the banquet hall again when several men dashed out of the fire,
two of whom were carrying people.

Patrick was surprised to find that John had been with Cordy.

He wasn’t sure how to feel about that, though Cordy being alive was already the best case scenario for

All he wanted was for her to stay alive!

Back at the present, Patrick continued to pace around the walkway without pausing for an instant.

Sean glanced at him, holding his tongue even though Patrick’s restlessness was annoying him.

He worried about Cordy, and Patrick was only increasing his worry.

When Sean got up and started to walk away, Patrick caught him and asked, “Where are you going?”

Patrick looked a little shocked and fearful-Sean could feel the former’s fingers shaking while holding his

‘For a smoke,” Sean replied bluntly nonetheless.

He needed a breather, and Cordy wasn’t coming out so soon anyway.

Patrick’s fingers eased for a moment over his arm, but soon tightened again.

Sean frowned, but soon saw Patrick releasing him, and walked to a corner to stand alone in silence.

Sean wondered if he was imagining it as he watched Patrick, but he seemed to need company.

But Patrick hated him, no?

However, he was overwhelmed with fear and worry at the moment and needed someone to share his
burdens… Or even someone to depend on.

Sean couldn’t help but swallow a gulp.

Pursing his lips, he returned to sit on the bench, leaving Patrick stunned. The man just said he was
going to need a smoke, but now, he was staying? Still, Patrick had no idea why he was worried Sean
would leave just now. Perhaps having Sean around had a calming effect?

Or maybe he was just being paranoid…

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