Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 996

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To be honest, Patrick was just so paranoid that he feared the worst would befall Cordy.

Seemingly reading his mind, Sean said, “I think I’ll wait until Cordy comes out.”

Patrick nodded in silence-Cordy was just as important to Sean, and Sean would be worried about
leaving too…

Silence ensued in the walkway, and there was no telling how long had passed.

Waiting was like being in hell-every passing second was grilling.

Nonetheless, the door to the emergency soon opened, and the doctor stepped out.

Patrick and Sean hurried towards him, and he said, “There’s no cause for worry-the patient isn’t in
mortal danger, and was only comatose due to lowered blood oxygen saturation levels caused by
excessive smoke inhalation. We have since treated her for that, and she’s once again conscious.
However, her respiratory system suffered serious damage and she has burns all over her body, so she
has to be admitted for further therapy and recovery. If you’re her family, you should get the paperwork
for her admittance done soon.’

Both Patrick and Sean breathed huge sighs of relief.

Anything was fine as long as Cordy survived.

“I’ll get the paperwork sorted,’ Sean offered. “You can wait here for her.”

Patrick turned towards Sean, but the latter left before he could say a word.

He would want to see Cordy immediately too, but decided to deal with the paperwork instead…

Suddenly, Patrick didn’t find the man that repulsive.

Nonetheless, Cordy was soon wheeled out of the emergency room. However, she couldn’t talk since
she had a mechanical ventilator attached to her face.

Still, her eyes were open; she turned towards Patrick, as if to greet him.

Patrick almost burst into tears right then and there.

He couldn’t hide how emotional he was since Cordy was alive, but it also hurt him deeply to see Cordy
looking like a pincushion.

Nonetheless, he went over, took her hand, and escorted her with the care workers to her assigned
ward. “It’s alright now, Cordy. We’re going to your room now.”

Cordy nodded slightly, but her throat hurt so much she was unable to say what was in her mind.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to say a word,” Patrick quickly said, seemingly reading her mind. “Just get
better for now. Nothing else matters more than your health, so just think about recovering.”

Cordy had no choice but to give in, and was admitted to the VIP ward.

As she lay in bed, the care worker and nurses had her attached to various instruments and IV drip.

Add that to the fact she could not move or speak, her state was certainly rather tragic.

Patrick stayed at her side, his gaze constantly doleful.

“I’m sorry I didn’t protect you better, Cordy,” he said, overwhelmed with guilt to see her in such a state.

Cordy shook her head-she didn’t blame him at all.

In fact, she didn’t care why Patrick didn’t save her, because being able to see him in one piece right
now was enough.

“I was looking for you when the fire started, but someone knocked me out before I reached the ladies
room… I was outside when I regained consciousness,” Patrick explained, still traumatized as he
remembered the fact.

Cordy nodded as hard as she could, as she wanted Patrick to understand that she didn’t blame him the

However, Patrick was unable to forgive himself. His eyes were welling with tears…

Fortunately, Sean arrived just then.

Patrick absolutely refused to let Sean see him cry-that would be absolutely humiliating!

He took deep breaths, and did his best to calm himself.

Sean paid no notice to Patrick, and instead approached Cordy.

Cordy had just nodded at Sean in greeting when Patrick snapped in annoyance, “What took you so

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