Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 998

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There was no doubt about what happened back in the banquet hall. With that, Sean continued, “That’s
why I didn’t stop to gather more proof, and instead called in our people who had been working in the
banquet hall undercover to get us out right away. We moved so quickly we were already safely outside
before the Lynds could stop us. They had to give up, or they’d be exposed. I then arranged for
‘Grandfather’ to be taken home, though I soon noticed that you’re not around and quickly sent help.”

Cordy’s eyes flashed with anger-there was no question about it now.

She wasn’t in the list of people that the Lynds wanted dead, and one could even say that they only
wanted Jesse Cranston dead. However, while they wouldn’t go out their way to target any other
individuals, they would welcome the prospect of killing any other Cranston along with Jesse.

It was only Nana who wanted Cordy dead.

“Just rest,” Sean told Cordy. ’There’s still much to discuss after this. For one, I don’t get why Jean
would want Grandfather dead. I mean, was it because of power and wealth? Why would she suddenly
turn bloodthirsty after so many years?”

Cordy actually was stumped as well-there was no question that the Lynds wanted Jesse Cranston
dead, but why?

Still, it was perhaps an answer only the Lynds would know.

Knowing that, Cordy closed her eyes, intent on resting.

She had just cheated death today, and had to admit she was still a little traumatized.

She needed time to adjust herself.

“Patrick, come with me,” Sean suddenly said.

“I’m staying with Cordy,” Patrick snapped in annoyance. He wasn’t going anywhere, since he was too
worried to let Cordy out of his sight after what happened today.

Sean could go anywhere he liked!

Nonetheless, Sean told him, “That bump on the back of your head needs to be checked.”

Patrick realized right then that he was swelling where he was struck on the head.

“Ow!” He couldn’t help but wince when he touched it, his face immediately contorting in pain.

“Alright, that’s enough talking. I’ve arranged four bodyguards to watch Cordy’s door 24/7 anyway, so
nothing’s going to happen.”

And with those words, Sean started to drag Patrick along out of Cordy’s room.

Patrick tried to resist, but Sean was just too strong for him.

What on earth did they feed this man with when he grew up?’ Patrick was a man too, but his strength
seemed to mean nothing to Sean!

“I’ll be back to keep you company, Cordy!” he yelled before Sean dragged him away.

Cordy watched as the pair left.

So, it turns out that Sean did care for everyone—not just her.

She actually felt a little jealous.

Although she held no expectations towards kinship or the Cranstons, she was dragged into their
conflict for some reason.

And yet, she felt a little upset to see Sean being nice to someone else.

She seemed to have changed, as she now desired kinship.

Still, Cordy closed her eyes and told herself to let things go its natural course.

There was no reason to get too overly conscious about it, since blood ran thicker than water anyway.

As she closed her eyes, however, she suddenly thought of John -the memory of him trying to save her
from the inferno was still fresh in her mind.

She bit her lip, and forced herself to stop thinking about it.

Cordy stayed in the hospital for another two weeks, spending most of her time in the company of her
care workers, Sean, and Patrick.

Today, however, she suddenly saw John.

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