Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 999

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Both Patrick and Sean were in the ward with Cordy, with Patrick peeling an apple for Cordy and proving
too inexperienced, and ended up making a huge mess.

Sean mocked Patrick for it, but he appeared unconcerned despite retorting, “This is my labor of love,
performed with my very own hands. No matter how bad it looks, it’d still taste sweet. Right, Cordy?”

Cordy never answered, for she was staring at John, who stood at the doorway.

Sean told her before that his injuries were far worse than hers, so why was he walking around freely
when she was still bedridden?

Patrick appeared upset the instant he saw John, however, and demanded,” What are you doing here?”

“I came to visit Cordy.”

“That’s unnecessary. Just worry about getting better yourself. Why bother about what others are
doing?” Patrick retorted, looking utterly possessive.

John glanced at Cordy, but she didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, Patrick was done peeling the apple and sliced it into little pieces, and fed her with little

There were certainly times when Cordy thought Patrick could be quite childish—especially right now,
when he deliberately put on a show for John.

Naturally, Cordy wasn’t about to humiliate Patrick; and so, she opened her mouth to eat the apple.

It was actually sweet.

“Is it good?” Patrick asked her.


“Then have some more,” Patrick said; he slowly fed her, one slice after the other.

John simply stood at the doorway, watching their public display of affection for a long while, until Cordy
had the last slice.

Patrick then asked, “Want some more?”


“Do you need the ladies’ room? I’ll help you get there.”


“How about a stroll? It’s a nice day out-get some sun, breathe some fresh air…”


“The doctor’s been saying that you’re weak, so you should just stay here and rest. I’d be quiet and
won’t disturb you, though I could chase off certain unnecessary people…”

Patrick ultimately turned his crosshairs on John, but John simply stood at the doorway without moving,
just like a sentinel.

“Patrick,” Cordy finally told him. “You and Sean can stay outside for now.”

Patrick narrowed his eyes at Cordy, obviously angry.

However, it was understandable-what respectable boyfriend would let their girlfriend meet their ex?

“He must have something to tell me,” Cordy explained, rational as ever.

Patrick didn’t want to say yes, but Sean already went up to pull him to his

feet. “Come on. Time to go.”

“Why should I go? Can’t I stay here if he has something to say? I’m Cordy’s boyfriend, and he’s trying
to meddle in our relationship!” Patrick snapped indignantly, pointing at John.

John scowled ever so slightly because of Patrick’s outburst, but Patrick remained indignant. “Let me
go, Sean! Honestly, you’re so obsessed with Cordy you wouldn’t give a damn even if she told you to go
to hell. But I have nothing to do with you, and you can’t tell me what to do!”

Be that as it may, he was nice enough to leave with Sean.

Is that what they call the mouth lies, but the body is honest?

Although Patrick left with Sean, huffing, Sean soon returned and said, “No more than half an hour.”

“Okay.” Cordy agreed to it immediately.

Who knew, ten minutes might already be enough.

Cordy looked calmly at John, who walked up to her bed.

They were holding each other’s gaze, but stayed speechless and silent.

The room was quiet for a while, until Cordy spoke first and asked, “Is there a reason why you came
looking for me?”

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