Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1000

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John pursed his lips and said slowly, “I just wanted to check on you, see how you’re recovering.” “I’m
doing well,* Cordy replied. “I can be discharged tomorrow, if nothing else happens.”

Silence ensued after she answered, until Cordy asked again, “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine.”

“Nana isn’t around today?”


“I thought she’s with you 24/7.”

“She went home. There seemed to be something back home.”

“So why are you here?” Cordy asked again.

Her patience was almost used up, and she had kept trying to make John talk just to make him open up.

However, he ultimately lost.

“I’m starting to regret it now…” John finally said, his voice exceedingly quiet.

Cordy stared at him, unable to understand what he meant.

“Regret pushing you away/ he added.

Cordy laughed despite herself.

She really was infuriated—what did John take her for, a door to open and close as he liked?

“I’m sorry,” John apologized. “I thought I could persevere until I resolved everything and return to your
side, single and unabated. But I flinched…

when I faced death.” i

“What are you trying to say? Cordy asked him.

“When I was caught in the fire, and thought for a split second that we would die here… I was suddenly
afraid, and unsure which would come first -death, or tomorrow.”

“So you’re planning to indulge your selfish desire with an extramarital affair, ” she smiled faintly, calmly
and ironically.

Her smile only broadened further as she went on, “So you’re going to mess around with another
woman behind your wife… To be honest, John, I never would have dreamt that you’d be capable of
something like this.”

Her words stung John, but he already expected this the instant he planned to say what he wanted.

He knew how morally righteous Cordy was, and that she would never be the other woman in a
relationship no matter how righteous his reasons were.

And yet, he was traumatized by the prospect that Cordy would die, just as he refused to see Cordy
getting intimate with Patrick. 1

He was worried that by the time he was done, she would be too far from him.

And Cordy was too rational she could control all the emotions she felt.

She really might forget about him, which was why he wanted to give up.

Even if it was despicable, emotional blackmail that would challenge Cordy’s bottomline.

None of those mattered, if he could make Cordy stay.

“Cordy, I’m John,” he said. “I’ve regained my memories.”

“I know.” Cordy was unusually calm.

John blinked, clearly surprised. “You knew? Since when?”

“The fire,’ Cordy calmly said. “It’s what you said… You saved me before, and you’d save me again.”

John pursed his lips, suddenly remembering that very moment.

People really missed out on details in the face of death, but Cordy remembered with great clarity.

“So, how long has it been since you remembered?”n.ove.lx.o she asked.

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