Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1004

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Sean had to wonder-should he trust John?

What if this was all just a trap? There was no question that John had the strength to destroy the

Nonetheless, John made his intentions clear right then and there. “Nana’s merely a chess piece. The
Lynds would never consider themselves as one of them without her. If I wasn’t amongst them, I won’t
have leverage for a partnership…”

He trailed off for a moment as he saw Sean raising a brow, and said, “Fine. I’ll admit, it didn’t cross my
mind before that I should work with you. I was intent on destroying the Lynds as I did with the Stuarts
with my own strength. However, I didn’t know that the Lynds were your enemies at first. To top it off,
they were your relatives. I’d never have partnered with you under such circumstances, let alone make
Cordy hate me because I messed with the Lynds.”

“So you’re pleased that they moved against us,” Sean said, appearing composed but ruffled inside.

John was going to destroy the Lynds on his own?!

It was far beyond his imagination to conceive. How powerful was he, really?

And the Lynds were far above the Stuarts in power and influence!

“I am. Most importantly, now I know Cordy wouldn’t hate me if I moved against the Lynds.”

“Quit dreaming already. She and Patrick are going strong,” Sean said, very slowly and clearly.

“This is between me and her.”

Sean shrugged. “Just putting it out there.”

John pursed his lips. “So? Are you going to work with me?”

Yet, Sean remained prudent. “How can I trust you? Who knows if you’re a rat? You even married

Moreover, he never could get a read on John, since the latter played everything close to his chest.

“I have no way of proving my allegiances,” John admitted neutrally, nonetheless.

Sean shrugged. “So, how am I supposed to work with you?”

“I have a feeling you’d say yes, anyway.”

Sean snorted. “You give yourself too much credit, John Levine.”

“You have the love of my life, and my son.”

“There are too many examples of men who would do anything for wealth and power.”

“I’m not one of them. Moreover…”

John paused, looking Sean straight in the eye as he said, “If I were going to work with the Lynds
against your family, your family wouldn’t have stayed unscathed thus far.”

Sean’s face dropped in displeasure, since John was clearly mocking him.

After all, John was basically saying that the Cranstons would never win if he worked against them.

Being the eldest grandson of Jesse Cranston, such contempt naturally left Sean uncomfortable.

Yet somehow, he had nothing to say about that.

“You can take your time to consider,” John said, and he started to leave.” There’s three days until I get

In other words, Sean had three days to think about it.

“John Levine,” Sean suddenly called out to him.

John stopped, but did not turn around.

“What do you have against the Lynds? Is it because they bound you, denying you freedom?” Sean

“Certainly not,” John replied. “They don’t have what it takes. I’m merely seizing this opportunity to
protect those I want to keep safe from harm.’

Naturally, he was referring to Cordy.

Sean could certainly anticipate that if John decided to leave Nana, the Lynds would definitely go after

And after having a similar experience with the Stuarts, John must’ve made up his mind to root out his
adversaries completely and allow no potential problems to remain.

“Is that why you kept pushing Cordy away?” Sean asked.

“Yes,” John admitted, i

But Cordy won’t return to your side,” Sean told him, in no uncertain terms.

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