Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1005

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John said solemnly, “That has nothing to do with my motivation to protect Cordy.”

Sean pursed his lips, unable to say anything against that.

John then added, “Take your time to consider…”

“There’s no need,” Sean said. “We’re partners now.”

He didn’t need further reason either, since John was on the money.

If John really wanted to work with the Lynds to destroy the Cranstons, the Cranstons wouldn’t remain

And Sean would never doubt John’s strength.

“Alright. I’ll contact you when there’s any new developments,” John said.

“You mean, I shouldn’t come to you?” Sean asked.

“Ideally, no.”


“Also, I have a request,” John added.

“Tell me.”

“Arrange for one of yours so that he can stay close to me,” John said. “The Lynds are keeping a close
eye on me, and Nana is as smart as she is sharp -she’d notice something if I’m unaware. As such, I
need protection and someone who can pass information for me under the Lynds’ noses.”

“Arranging for an insider in the Lynd family? That’s going to be difficult.”

“I’ll make a window for you.”

As Sean blinked, John continued, “Just wait for your chance and make a move.”

“Okay.” Sean agreed to it immediately, as if there was this part in his heart where he simply couldn’t
reject any of John’s requests.

“I’m going now.”

And with that, John left. Sean snuffed out the remaining half of his cigarette.

He sighed-it seemed they were all in for a bloodbath.

Over at North City, Zoe and Jay were traveling to another distant location to record another episode of
‘Journey of Love’. They would be away for five days and four nights.

As Zoe packed up early in the morning, Yelena asked grumpily, “Mommy, are you leaving with Daddy

“Yeah, but we’ll be back in a few days. Be a good girl and listen to Grandma, okay?” Zoe told her mildly.

“I want to go too.”

“We’re going to work, not play.”

“Can’t you bring me to work?”

Zoe refused right there and then. “Of course not.”

“Bad Mommy!” Yelena snapped, and ran off angrily.

Zoe took no notice, however. Yelena was a right little brat, and her getting upset was a common

After a while, Jay entered the room with Yelena on his lap.

Zoe raised a brow. “Please don’t tell me you’re planning to bring her along.”

Where’s the principle?

“Of course not,” Jay replied.

Zoe nodded, but she had certainly been given a scare as she thought that Jay would spoil her daughter
so much that he abandoned all principles.

‘ But I promised to take her outside,” Jay suddenly said.

“Where to?”

“The amusement park.”

“But, your leg…”

“It’s not an issue.”

“Then, go.”

In fact, with Yelena not around, Zoe could have peace and quiet as she packed up.

That was when Jay added, “You’re coming along.”

‘I need to pack up.”

“I’ll help you do that at night, after we come home.”

“You’re planning to stay outside the whole day?!’ Zoe exclaimed in shock, unable to believe her ears.

“Going out to play with Yelena is serious business.”

“Can I just point out that you’ve been either sleeping or playing with Yelena ever since the last
recording? Are you sure you want to stay that hedonistic?”

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