Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1008

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Zoe stared at the ice cream she was holding, and wondered if she should finish it.

That was when she suddenly remembered Jay kissing her, as well as the touch of his lips…

She immediately threw the ice cream into the trash can.

That devious man!

He was doing everything he could just to stop her from finishing that ice cream!

She quickly ran after Jay and Yelena, joining them as they queued up for the Ferris wheel. She never
noticed someone taking photos of her from a distance.

They queued for a long while until it was finally their turn on the Ferris wheel. Yelena really liked it,
constantly getting excited whenever the Ferris wheel rose into the air.

It was no exception this time as she beamed cheek to cheek, leaning against the glass window of the
Ferris wheel.

“Don’t lean on the window, Yelena,” Zoe told Yelena. “It looks dangerous even from where I’m sitting.”

Yelena pouted, clearly refusing to listen.

In fact, she wasn’t moving an inch.

The brat had been getting full of herself ever since she got a daddy.

Just as Zoe was going to snap at her and show her who was boss, Jay

interrupted and said, “Don’t worry. It’s safe.’

She turned and gave him a look. He was immediately cowed; he quickly scooped Yelena up in his arms
and put her on his lap. “We can get a good view from here too, Yelena.”

“But I can see better there,” Yelena huffed.

“It’s the same. You can look outside and stay close to me. Isn’t that good? I wanted to hug you too.”

Yelena considered that for a moment, and agreed to it.

Zoe became obviously annoyed that Yelena only listened to Jay these days, while Jay certainly knew
how to handle her.

She raised Yelena for three years, yet Jay defeated her with such ease!

When their pod rose to the highest point, Yelena suddenly asked, “Can we take a photo together,

“Of course.’ Jay quickly whipped out his phone and took several selfies with her.

“Aren’t you going to take one with Mommy?” Yelena then asked.

Jay turned towards Zoe, but she said, “Don’t come.”

There was a flash of disappointment in Jay’s eyes, and he actually looked wounded.

Zoe thought to herself that she must’ve imagined it, but she explained nonetheless, “The pod would
shake if everyone sits on one side. You’d scare me.’

“Okay,” Jay replied evenly, nodding.

Somehow, Zoe felt that he was a little happy about that.

In fact, she had been wondering if she was possessed as she started to take more notice of Jay’s

Their pod finally came to a stop after half an hour.

Zoe alighted with Yelena first, before helping Jay out with some assistant from the staff.

There was a stairs leading up to the pod, so it took Jay considerable effort to go up as well.

That was the case when they got out as well. Zoe had to match his slow pace while carrying Yelena.

It took a while for Jay to finally reach his wheelchair, and Zoe could see that his brow was covered in
sweat and his breathing was rushed.

She couldn’t help asking, “Is there no chance for your leg to recover, Jay?”

Jay paused instantly, just as Zoe came to a realization right then.

She seemed to have hurt his pride once again.

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