Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1007

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Zoe got upset immediately. “Jay Parker! You kept telling me before that I’m not fat, but now, you’re
telling me to adhere to the strict discipline of an actress?!”


What they see is all they care about!

“No, you just shouldn’t eat too much sweet food, or you’d get cavities.”

Zoe was speechless. Was she a child to him?! He should be telling that to his daughter instead!

Feeling petty, Zoe snatched her ice cream back from Jay, chomping down on it when she was just
taking small, careful bites before.

Although she was telling herself not to eat too much before, she liked rebelling against Jay more.

Calling her fat? Did he know how terrible it is to be an actress?

She had to restrain herself even though there was so much she wanted to eat, and would always feel
guilty if she managed to encourage herself into taking one extra bite.

But not only was he refusing to comfort her… He had to mock her, too!

Nonetheless, Zoe winced immediately from brain freeze after she took a large bite from her ice cream.

She felt unusually furious. Suddenly, she felt a soft sensation on her lips, followed by a rush of warmth
that eased the chilling sensation between her teeth…

Zoe was left momentarily stunned until she realized that Jay was kissing her.Jn public!

Did he feel no sense of shame?!

It had been a long a while since they kissed.Jn fact, it was since then.

Jay had also been deliberately avoiding her since then, since she seemed to have hurt his pride.

And yet, he did that before she could come up with a way to comfort him, and in public to boot!

She pushed him away the moment she came to her senses, but he was grinning charmingly, seemingly
unconcerned as he commented, “It really is sweet.’

Zoe was infuriated, but before she could speak, Yelena snapped unhappily,” Bad Daddy! You stole
Mommy’s ice cream!”

Jay kept smiling, though he appeared a little chagrined.

Stunned by Yelena’s little outburst, Zoe in turn forgot about her temper.

Yelena then asked with a look of innocence, as if she didn’t understand at all, “Is it sweeter if you eat
the ice cream from Mommy’s lips?’

“Well, yeah,’ Jay gave her a half-hearted nod.

Yelena promptly stood up on the bench and wrapped her little arms around Zoe’s neck, and started
reaching for Zoe’s lips.

Zoe raised her since a baby, and they did kiss occasionally, so they were used to it.

But this time, Jay scooped Yelena away up in his arms before she and Zoe actually kissed.

‘ Daddy!” Yelena frowned unhappily, upset.

“Mommy has no more ice cream on her lips.’

“Because you ate it all?” Yelena asked sternly.

Jay nodded stiffly.

“Bad Daddy! You have to share. My teacher always told me to share/ Yelena huffed.

“You can share everything else, but not Mommy.”


“You’ll understand when you’re older.”

Yelena had more to complain about, but Jay steered the wheelchair away from the bench. “Let’s ride
the Ferris wheel next, okay?”

“Okay!” Yelena was immediately distracted-it was never that hard to placate children.

Zoe watched as they left, wondering if she had just been forgotten.

It was upsetting, even if she had no idea why!

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