Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1013

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Zoe asked in exhaustion, “What time is it?’

Did they not have a recording today?!

“It’s still early. You can sleep a little longer if you’re sleepy.”

“But can we make it?” Zoe pressed, unable to open her eyes wide and actually intending to sleep in.


“Okay. I’m sleeping a little longer,” Zoe said and tossed around.

Even that took considerable effort, and she made a mental note not to tease Jay from now on.

Honestly, she should not even touch him or the consequences would be too severe!

However, she stiffened right then-even as she turned her back toward Jay, he gathered her in his arms
from behind with a bear hug.

Still, he said, “Don’t worry. I’m holding back.”

Zoe was silent but skeptical, though she fell asleep anyway.

She had no idea how long had passed when she woke up again and flexed her limbs.

Jay was still holding her firmly in his arms from behind.

And here she was wondering why it felt like she was suffering sleep paralysis-it was all Jay.

“You’re awake?” he asked her then.

It was as if he could stay energetic no matter what he was put through.

Was it really not that strenuous for him?

Now that Zoe thought about it, it probably was not the case since she was the one doing the moving
when his leg got in the way…

She flushed and asked, “What time is it?”

“2 PM.”

“What?!” Zoe exclaimed as she sprang out of bed. “We’re late!”

“I took leave from the production crew.”

“That won’t do! Acting like a poser is the worst! My showbiz career is over if word gets out!”

“Don’t worry. We’ll arrive on scene at the scheduled hour.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Either way, there’s nothing to worry about,” Jay said, slowly getting out of bed just then.

He calmly pulled off their blanket, and Zoe averted her eyes when he did, making him chuckle. “You’ve
seen it a few times now, haven’t you?”

Zoe was speechless. Men really knew no shame!

“Lie down for now. We’re leaving in an hour,” Jay told her. “I’m going to hang out with Yelena for a bit.”

The man was really a slave to his daughter!

Nonetheless, Zoe lay down comfortable, tossing and turning for a bit since it was still early. And since
she did not need makeup, she just had to keep herself reasonably disguised since there would not be
paparazzis after her these days.

She nonchalantly picked up her phone, to find in surprise that she received a rare text from Cordy,
simply asking: [Are you there?]

She promptly called Cordy, “Is the sun rising from the west? Cordy Sachs, initiating contact?”

“What, didn’t I do that before?”

“Unless I’m trending.”

“Oh, really?” Cordy murmured thoughtfully and enigmatically.

Zoe promptly noticed what was wrong. “Wait, I’m trending?”

“I guess you weren’t checking.”

“Hold on, why am I trending?!’ Zoe exclaimed in agitation-she had just returned from showbiz.

How would she make it if they dug out some dirt on her?!

Her fingers were shaking even as she tapped on a news app.

At the entertainment section, she found a large photo of her kissing Jay at the amusement park, with
the caption ‘Netizens stumble upon Jay Parker and Zoe York’s sweet rendezvous!’

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