Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1011

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Jay suddenly said, “You won’t get fat in a day.” “You’re a riot. I’m going to be a pound heavier tomorrow,
with half of it on my cheeks and the other half on my waist…”

Zoe closed her eyes, stopping herself from imagining the sight. “You were watching me eat, Jay! Why
didn’t you remind me of the so-called actress’ self-discipline?!’

“You told me not to remind you.’

Zoe was speechless.

With friends like these, who needed enemies?!

She slammed her fork and knife on the table right then and left the table.

Jay certainly knew that she was already making a run for the body weight scale in the room.

Soon, they heard the blood-curdling scream from the room.

In reality, she would at most have gained a quarter of a pound…

“Jay, I guess you should eat more.” Clara gestured at Jay just then, used to Zoe’s obsession with

“Okay,” Jay replied and kept eating.

Yelena woke up after he was finished, and he played with her a little to clear her drowsiness and kept
her company as she ate dinner.

When she was finished, Jay took her on a stroll downstairs to help with her digestion before returning
to the apartment to watch a cartoon with her.

Once it was about time, he had Clara bathe her, after which he read her a bedtime story and coaxed
her to sleep.

Since Yelena took a rather long nap in the afternoon, it took him more time to coax him to sleep than

As he returned to his room, he found Zoe just finishing her shower and double-checking their luggage.

It was only then that he remembered promising to help her pack up.

“Is everything ready? Do you need my help?” he asked nonetheless.

“Probably not,” Zoe replied, since she was not missing anything after she checked-apparently, she
helped pack Jay’s luggage too.

“Thanks,’ Jay told her.

“You’re welcome.”

Somehow, things were getting even more formal between them.

Should they not be more relaxed after confirming their relationship? How did they return to where they

Nonetheless, Jay said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Okay,” Zoe replied and got into bed.

She fiddled with her phone, since she napped a little on the car when they returned home and was not
feeling drowsy.

Jay showered quickly, and Zoe thought he was done in minutes.

“That was quick,” she said casually.

’I can handle that much on my own.”

Zoe was speechless-what was with the constant hinting? Was he really that upset?!

Jay got into bed too and turned off his bedside lamp.

He soon fell asleep.

Though neither of them usually were up to much of anything in bed, they would not be distant either.

Even so, Zoe could notice that Jay was definitely angry despite her usual carefree nature.

After some thought, she put away her phone and turned off the lamp on her side.

With that, the room was left as dark as it was silent, and Zoe sensed no motion from Jay’s side of the

Naturally, he never moved much while asleep—the posture in which he fell asleep would be the
posture he woke up the next day.

Tonight, however, Zoe gritted her teeth and slid closer to Jay.

When her back touched his, she clearly felt his body flinching a little.

So, his body proved more honest than his mouth.

“We have a recording tomorrow,” she spoke up just then.

“Yeah,” Jay replied, his tone changing ever so slightly.


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