Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1012

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Zoe was a little miffed.

Was Jay that susceptible to her presence?

She really wondered just then how he remained so calm whenever she put the moves on him back at
Levine Manor.

These days, it was like he flared up the instant she looked his way!

She slid her dainty hands against his bare skin just then, but he caught her.” Get some sleep soon. It’s
a long journey tomorrow.”

“But… we can’t do it once we leave tomorrow.”

Whether there were cameras in their room tomorrow night, they were still doing a recording away from

There certainly was no way they could get frisky, ignoring the presence of the entire production crew,

Jay began, “Zoe-“

Zoe cut him short right then. “I repulse you, right?”

Jay did a double take. “I thought it’s the other way around.”

The pot was calling the kettle black!

“I… That’s why we have to learn more,” Zoe said as if it was only natural, even though he was clearly

Jay’s heart was racing in turn, but he had to admit that today had been tough.

He would admit as much when Zoe told him that his technique was subpar, but she also mentioned his
disability today…

He did not care about the opinion of others and was nonchalant even when weird stares were thrown
his way every time he went outside.

However, it hit him hard to hear Zoe say it.

It was not as if he blamed her for that either, since everyone would react like she did.

Even so, he felt resentment toward himself for not giving her himself when he was perfect.

That was why even if he looked moody today, he was more angry toward himself than toward Zoe.

Suddenly, he stiffened just then-Zoe was already on top of him.

The faint light illuminated her alluring silhouette like a dream.

Jay could not help gulping.

He had been holding back because Zoe told her that he was bad, worried that he would subject her to
yet another bad experience.

It crossed his mind every night, and naturally, only he was aware of that.

But now, he could not reject Zoe as she took the lead.

He watched as she leaned toward himself, her lips right beside his ear, breathing hot, flirty steam into it.

Jay’s body was at once hot and tense-he would lose his mind under such torment.

And Zoe had always underestimated the effect she had on him.

“Jay, getting better in bed goes both ways-it’s not a single person’s effort,” she said, her voice utterly
alluringly. “I never cared about your disability. It just hurts to see it…”

Jay’s heartbeat was deafening.

Zoe just told him that she sympathized with his disability.

She did not hate him for it!

“I’ve eaten too much tonight, so I could use the workout before I sleep,” she then added and licked his

Who could resist such temptation?!

Jay lost it right then, tossing around and pinning Zoe under himself, startling her!

As she looked at Jay nervously, she realized that the look on his face was just like the one he had the
other night!

‘Calm down!’

What happened to going both ways?! He looked like he would devour her whole right then!

Zoe could feel her tears welling in her eyes already…

As morning arrived the next morning, Zoe tried to move, only to find herself so limp she could die.

“Are you awake?” A cool man’s voice could be heard beside her ear.

Zoe turned to find Jay watching her, looking exuberant.

She really wanted to ask right then-what was this disparity of physicality between men and women?!

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