Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1014

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Zoe promptly tapped on the article, which briefly described their family of three going out on a playdate.

There were some exaggerated parts here and there but nothing malicious.

She then scrolled through the comments.

[Can I just say that this is so sweet it hurts? I’m so jealous…]

[Jay Parker usually looks so reserved and aloof, but there’s no hiding it when you’re in love.]

(How could anyone look that good? They really deserve each other.]

[Oh, I think I believe in love again now…]

[This public display of affection caught me off guard, but I approve!]

Zoe scrolled through a huge portion of the comments, but most of them were nice.

At least there was nothing like ‘hurting public morals’, ‘society these days’, or’family unfriendly’.

She decided to be more careful when they were out in public next time around.

However, she realized that it was not even her fault after some thought-it was clearly Jay’s.

’So? I take it that you’ve seen it?” Cordy teased from the other end.

“You contacted me just for that?”

“Just concerned about how things are going on over there, sister.” Cordy giggled.

“Thank you.” Zoe played along. “Judging from your tone, things are going well for you too?”


“How are things with Patrick?”

“It’s alright, I guess,” Cordy replied evenly.

In fact, things were warming up by leaps and bounds between them.

It might just be a change in mindset, but either way, things were going well now between them.

“I really wonder if I should give you my blessing.” Zoe sighed, a little conflicted.

She felt at the bottom of her heart that Cordy should still stick to John.

But even if he was alive, he had to marry Nana, and that alone makes him undeserving of Cordy.

“It’s alright to give it.”

’Fair enough.”

‘ By the way, you’re really good at changing the topic. We were talking about you and Jay, weren’t we?
When did it become about me?”

’I mean, it’s the same old for us.” Zoe felt embarrassed even saying it.

She was certainly surprised things progressed so rapidly between herself and Jay… it was almost like
riding a rocket.

She could not even remember that time when she was so determined to stay away from Jay even if it
killed her.

And now, their relationship was one that was too complicated to explain.

“I’m not calling to laugh at you,” Cordy said solemnly then. “I want to

congratulate you for finally conceding to your true feelings.”


Zoe had no idea how she should explain herself just then.

She had really given up before, holding no illusion or attachment to Jay.

She had no idea how, but her passion for him was somehow set aflame once more.

In fact, she started to wonder if Jay had her complete existence within his grasp for the rest of their

“It’s time, Zoe,” Jay told her, suddenly appearing at the doorway.

“Okay.” Zoe gave a half-hearted reply.

“You were sleeping until now?” Cordy obviously heard Jay.


“He’s a real beast, huh? I wouldn’t have known.”

Cordy’s words left Zoe embarrassed. “You’re such a pervert!”

“This is good, isn’t it?”

“Cut that out. I need to get a recording soon.”

“Okay. Talk to you later.”

“Yep. Bye.’

Zoe was still blushing when she hung up-Cordy was on the money about so many things…

Still, as she took a deep breath, a smile of relief appeared on Zoe’s face.

Everything was going well now for her and for Cordy.

She could feel Cordy’s happiness even from behind the screen. It was just Quinn missing for now.

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