Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1018

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Cora said, “Me too.”

But in reality, she knew all her vegetables.

She was the one who lived with Clara as a child and went through all manner of sufferings, from
washing clothes by hand to cooking.

It hurt her to think of her painful childhood in contrast to Zoe’s.

However, she forced herself not to show it.

Nonetheless, as they strode along the farm together, they were startled to find something dashing
through the fields.

It was a huge black dog, and it was running straight for them!


Both Zoe and Cora screamed-what was that thing doing there?!

And it had a beastly look on its face, like it was going to bite someone!

Both Zoe and Cora felt as if their souls left them.

The production crew also reacted too late-before they could jump in, the dog had already leapt toward
Zoe and Cora, knocking them to the ground!

“Help!!!’ Cora shrieked as the dog towered over her.

Zoe was on the ground as well, but the dog obviously was not aiming for her.

Just as it was to bring its jaws down on her, Zoe reached out by reflex to push it away and tried to pull
Cora away from her.

However, the dog suddenly turned and bit her hand in a split second-Zoe did not even have the time to
feel pain when the dog was done with her

and bit Cora on the arm too!

“Argh!” Cora screamed, flustered and at a loss of what to do!

Fortunately, two men from the production crew quickly jumped forward and grabbed the dog, pulling it
off her and throwing it violently on the ground.

Stunned by the pain, the dog pushed itself off the ground and ran off with its tail between its legs.

Nonetheless, the production set was caught in confusion!

The production crew quickly ran up to the women, encircling them as they asked, “Are you alright?
Zoe? Cora? Are you hurt?”

The male guests also rushed to the scene after receiving the message, with Bob being the first to

He tore his way through the crowd and asked worriedly, “Are you alright, Zoe? Did the dog bite you?

Cora was right beside Zoe, and watched as Bob stared fixedly at Zoe and only Zoe in concern.

He never even looked her way.

She bit her lip, an irrepressible emotion flooding her just then.

“I’m fine. It just bit me on the hand, but I think it bit Cora on the arm,” Zoe told Bob.

Bob seemed to only remember then that Cora was bit too, and he stiffened when he realized that.

Blinking, he turned to look at Cora and did his best to act as if nothing happened. “I only received word
that Zoe was hurt. Were you hurt too? Where?”

Cora certainly knew that she must never lose control with so many people and cameras around.

Forcing a smile, she said, “It doesn’t hurt, but it was scary.”

Even so, the seeds of hatred were buried deep within her heart now.

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