Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1021

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Cora’s pupils dilated as she stared at Bob in disbelief.

He actually wanted to break up with her? What did the years she spent with him amounted to?!

“I have done wrong by you, so let’s just end it here before we get married,” Bob said then. “I’ll explain
everything to our parents about my reasons, and I’ll do any PR work necessary to help you get through
any difficulties you have at work.”

“Are you really doing this to me, Bob?!” Cora’s eyes were red, and she could not stop her tears no
matter what she tried.

Bob hung his head. “I don’t know how to make it up to you, just as I can’t lie to you that I don’t love Zoe
anymore. All the mistakes in the past were my fault, and you can do whatever you want—I’ll try to
guarantee your satisfaction as much as I can.”

“What do you take me for! Did you think I dated you because I wanted something from you? How could
you be so cruel, Bob?!”

Bob simply stayed silent, because he genuinely had no words to assure Cora when he dated her just
because their parents wanted that.

Even after years had passed, he never felt love for Cora-it was more appropriate to say that he was
just putting up with her.

For him, it was as if he was fine with anyone when it was not Zoe.

“I’m not going to break up with you,” Cora suddenly snapped with agitation. “Why should I break up
with you?! I spent four years of my youth on you! I’m not going to let it slide!”

Bob was left staring blankly at her-even after he admitted to loving Zoe?!

“Calm down, Cora. We really shouldn’t be together, but if you find it troubling, I can finish recording this
variety show with you-“

“No!” Cora cut him short right then. “I’m not breaking up with you. Only I get to make that call—it’s not
up to you to decide!”

Bob had more to say, but he stayed silent-if Cora felt that who between them demanded a break-up
matter, he could play along.

“You owe me this too, Bob!” Cora shrieked, suddenly throwing off her blanket and springing out of her

“Where are you going?” Bob quickly caught her, a little scared by Cora’s agitation.

“Let me go!”


“Let me go!” Cora screamed.

Bob hesitated for a second, but he ultimately released her, and she promptly turned to leave.

Bob quickly followed her-who knew what could happen if he let Cora leave alone, and she was a public
figure at that.

“Don’t follow me!”

“Calm down, Cora. You can get upset with me however you want, just don’t do anything rash…”

Cora, however, was not listening to a word he said as she marched straight to Zoe’s room.

Jay had been feeding Zoe slices of fruit in her ward, and the mood between them was just right until
Cora stormed inside, running it right then.

“What is it?” he asked sternly like an elder would.

Cora’s eyes were welling with tears.

Why did Zoe get to be liked by everyone?

Why did Zoe get to take so much away from her life and always get happiness in return?!

It was so unfair, was it not?

Bob rushed inside hurriedly just then, and seeing him, Jay asked, “Had a fight with Bob?”

“Cora, we can talk it out ourselves.” Bob quickly tried to pull her out of the room.

However, Cora smacked his hand away wildly, “Let me go!”

While Bob was left in an awkward spot, Zoe glanced between him and Cora.

She was sharp enough to notice what it was, especially when Cora was not hiding that murderous
gleam in her eyes at all.

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