Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1022

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“You already have my uncle, Zoe! Why would you seduce Bob too?!” Cora demanded right then.

Zoe pursed her lips-Cora noticed how Bob felt toward her, just as she thought.

“That’s enough, Cora. This is between us-don’t get others involved,” Bob said then, suddenly a little

He had behaved mildly earlier, but even that seemed to fade in an instant.

“You’re siding with her?! I’m your fiancee, Bob! And she’s a married woman! ’ Cora became even more
hysterical, at that, unable to understand how Zoe was better than her.

Why did everyone love her so much?

Even her grandfather occasionally called her ‘Zoe’ before he died!

She really had enough!

“Cut it out. We’re leaving,” Bob said, restraining his own temper just then.

“No,” Cora said determinedly, and wheeled on Jay. “Uncle Jay, Bob and Zoe had all of us fooled. They

“I know,” Jay said, cutting her short.

Cora was left taken aback, and she stared at Jay in disbelief.

He knew? And he would still spoil Zoe so much?!

Did he not take offense?!

She had marched here bent on splitting Jay from Zoe because she could not abide with Zoe doing well
in any way!

Moreover, Jay had always kept his hands clean, and Cora never saw him allow any other woman get
close to him. He obviously had strong views on relationships between men and women, and Cora was
convinced there was no way he would accept such disgrace between Zoe and Bob.

And yet, he admitted to being aware of the fact… while doing nothing about it?!

“I know everything about her past,” Jay continued, his voice suddenly cold and his presence imposing.
“I don’t need anyone else to understand her.”

“Uncle Jay-“

“Because I know her better than anyone else,” Jay said very slowly and clearly, completely denying
Cora a chance to speak.

Cora’s eyes were red.

She never got to strut when Jay was around and was even more afraid to upset him since both her
grandfather and her mother thought highly of him. Moreover, he was the one who helped her rise to the
top in showbiz.

And now, she could not say a word either.

“Whatever happens between you and Bob is between the both of you. Don’t get Zoe or myself
involved,” Jay said solemnly, his might obvious despite his obvious lack of rage.

Cora was seething, but she was naturally afraid of throwing a fit in front of Jay. She bore it with gritted
teeth and stormed off.

Bob naturally started to follow Cora, since she was clearly not in her right mind.

“Keep both eyes on her, Bob,” Jay told him anyway-he was not keen on something happening right
now and getting everyone in another huge mess.

“Yeah.” Bob agreed to it right away. “I’d handle Cora. Just be nice to Zoe.”

Jay smiled faintly. “Yeah.”

Bob hurried off, with Zoe watching him leave.

There was this feeling she could not quite describe between them.

It certainly was not love, because with Bob, it was over when it was over.

Even right now, she had no idea if she really loved Bob… But perhaps she did, since no one could
refuse a man as ideal as Bob.

Nonetheless, she was over it, and that was it.

That was not the case for her and Jay-she tried to get over him before, but it only made her even more

Still, she soon came to her senses and saw the jealousy in Jay’s eyes.

He just said he trusted her, did he not?

And he was dispensing with the pretense already?!

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