Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1025

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Jay apologized. “I’m sorry.”

Whatever the reason was, he abandoned Zoe in the end and did not stay by her side.

’It’s alright,” Zoe replied, accepting his apology and knowing what it was about.

And she was really over it too, even if she was not as carefree as she imagined for the longest time
and did not understand why she allowed Jay to deflower her and abandon her repeatedly.

That was until now, when she genuinely realized that the past was not as important as she believed.

And because it was not, she could now tell Jay everything.

In a way, it was saying goodbye to the past.

Jay held her gaze in turn and quietly said, “At that time, I… was involved in a car accident.”

Zoe did a double take.

She knew about the accident, but not when specifically.

’After I left that day, I went straight to the film set. The production was on a tight schedule, so it was
very late when I finally left-and I was the one who told you to wait for me.”

Did that mean… she was the reason he got in that accident?!

An aching struck Zoe’s chest right then, and it only got worse by the second.

Even so. Jay’s tone remained apologetic. “It happened on a mountain road when I was driving back. I
only regained consciousness six months later, and they told me my car crashed down a cliff.”

He apologized, even if he did not want things to turn out that way.

Even if he was the victim.

Zoe’s eyes turned red even as she bit her lip.

“Then, after I learned that one of my legs was permanently crippled, I thought about staying away from

’Why?” Zoe asked him a little agitatedly-if only he had come to her…

Maybe-just maybe-they would not have let three years go to waste.

’I was worried you’d scorn me.”

’Do I look like that type of person?”

“You like pretty faces.” Jay exposed her right then.

“But your face is fine. What does that have to do with your leg?”

“I was disfigured too,” Jay explained. “What you’re seeing now is the outcome of reconstructive surgery
I had later.”

“What do you take me for, Jay Parker?!” Zoe huffed. “Did you really think I liked you for your face?!
Fine, I’ll admit that you look good, but you’re not as good looking as John Levine! I never said I fell for
him when we found out that I was not blood related to him either!”

And did he understand how difficult it was, being a single mother for years?!

“That’s why I called you,” Jay said then.


’But you dropped that number,” Jay said.

Zoe then remembered that she changed her number after leaving North City and bought herself a new
number since she did not want anyone else to affect her.

To be fair, she was really upset at the time.

However, she only got more upset about that. “You would’ve found me anyway, with all the resources
you had!’

He gave up just because she changed her number? How was she supposed to believe that he loved

“But didn’t you change your number because you want nothing to do with me?” Jay asked her just then.

Zoe was stumped, since that was certainly what she thought.

But women could be afforded a tantrum or two, could they not? And she had her pride, too!

After all, she thought Jay was dumping her after she slept with him.

“Adding that to my disability, I gave up,” Jay said quietly then.

Even now, he remembered how his heart was cut to the quick when he actually gave up on Zoe.

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