Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1024

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Jay could not hold back an expletive right then, “Am I f*cking dead to you,


He was on the verge of getting a stroke, and he really wanted to get into fisticuffs with Bob right then!

Zoe simply beamed at him. “All I wanted to say was that Bob and I are clean. Nothing happened even
when we were dating.”

“So you’re regretting that now?” Jay growled through his teeth.

“That’s not the point,” Zoe replied, speechless.

“I already know that anyway.” Jay was certainly smart enough to not miss that.

“You knew?”

No way! She had been so close with Bob at the time that anyone would be skeptical!

“When we filmed the last episode of Journey of Love, during that heart-to- heart we had with the
director, you revealed that your first time was with me.”

“And you believe that?” Zoe asked.

“I did.” Jay nodded.

Like he said, he knew Zoe well enough-she would never lie.

However, he still had to admit that he had felt pleased for a long while when he found out.

He was fine with being labeled old-fashioned, but he would never have held it against her even if she
did it with Bob anyway.

He would love her as he did from the start.

Still, to find out that they were clean…

Fine, he could admit that men were innately possessive, and he was no exception.

But I didn’t believe you,” Zoe said, a little guilty just then.

When Jay revealed that he popped his cherry on the same day, she did not believe him-not even

She simply thought it impossible, that he was just trying to build a good public image of himself.

Right now, the circumstances of their marriage was still cause for suspicion, even though the public
saw that they were getting along well.

“It’s fine,’ Jay said magnanimously.

Still, Zoe suddenly frowned, her expression changing right then. “So, all you needed to know was that I
was clean when I married you, and the rest is pointless?”


He actually had to admit that it was indeed the case.

Zoe narrowed her eyes just then. “Does that mean if Bob and I had done it, you’d-“

“Nope,” Jay said seriously, before adding with a smile, “Of course, it’d be better if you never did.”

“Pfft! Men.” Zoe snorted in disdain.

Still, Jay was no longer upset now-in fact, he was a little happy.

He was that pragmatic, after all.

“And you know why Bob and I had to break up,” Zoe added.

Jay nodded, though Zoe confessed, “I was so devastated at the time…”

Jay’s smile slowly faded in turn.

Nonetheless, Zoe continued her recollection, “Anyway, I slowly got over it after leaving North City,
especially since I had Yelena soon after. Her birth allowed me to forget many things and even let the
past go.”

Jay pursed his lips, wondering if Zoe had been afraid and helpless when she went into labor alone.

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