Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1027

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Jay looked at Zoe in turn and said solemnly, “Me too. You’re the only one I ever loved.”

The love in his eyes was all too obvious.

“Then… Have you never loved anyone else before?”

It was not as if Zoe doubted Jay-in fact, she was dead sure that he loved her, at least now.

But was he really abstinent before too? Did he really only fall in love at this age?!

“Be it in the past or the present, the only one I love is-“

Jay was suddenly cut off by the resounding ring of his phone.

Zoe frowned.

The mood between them was just perfect! Who could have such poor timing to interrupt them right

She was predicting that things would get even more spicier than before tonight and was naturally a little

Still, Jay answered his phone after hesitating for a moment-it was Ruby Jones, producer of Journey of

And they were in showbiz, so courtesy was necessary.

“Hello, Ms. Jones.” Jay greeted Ruby politely.

“Are you still in the hospital right now, Mr. Parker?”

“Yes, we are.”

“How is Zoe doing?” Ruby asked in concern before apologizing, “I’m really sorry that we allowed such
an accident to happen. I was going to visit personally, but I’m a little preoccupied at the moment.”

“She’s mostly fine here. Thanks for your concern, Ms. Jones. Well be returning to North City tomorrow
if there are no further issues tonight,” Jay said tactfully in return.

No one would have expected an accident like that anyway, not to mention that the production crew
handled things the best they could, reimbursed them, and apologized sincerely.

“I see. Also…”

Ruby suddenly trailed off, clearly having more to say.

Jay was not that sociable despite the years he spent in showbiz, but he got the idea. “Is there anything
else that needs my attention, Ms. Jones?”

Ruby could not help speaking up then. “I wouldn’t have told you so soon with regards to Zoe’s health,
but I have a feeling that the fallout in this case takes precedent… which is why I need confirmation from
your side.”

Jay’s was obviously solemn in turn.

Ruby definitely would not have let anything else slip during a moment like this. Anyone who reached
her status had to be savvy, to prioritize between one matter and the other.

In other words, they were looking at something very serious.

Zoe was surprised to see Jay reacting like that-he was only ever solemn when it was something

“Someone just tipped the media that you only married Zoe recently and that your daughter is

Jay scowled right then and put the call on loudspeaker while tapping into a news app.

The first headline immediately caught his notice: [Shocking Revelations! The Truth Behind Jay Parker
and Zoe York’s Hidden Marriage, and the True Identity of Zoe’s Daughter!]

The article summarized his relationship with Zoe, claiming that Zoe was ousted from showbiz instead of
marrying him-that she was canceled because she provoked a bigwig in showbiz.

She would not have disappeared so completely otherwise, and most importantly, her previous works
would not have been taken off the shelves either!

The article also stated that he had undergone treatment alone abroad four years ago following a
serious accident-and that Zoe was not at his side- which called into question if Zoe’s daughter was
actually his!

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