Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1028

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There were also videos and photos of Jay abroad receiving treatment, all of them evidence indicating
Zoe was not with him at the time-that they were lying to everyone.

Naturally, they were flamed soon after the news was leaked.

[My god! Is this real?! Unbelievable… I shipped them so much, but it’s all lies!]

[This is disgusting if it’s true! They are treating us like idiots, deceiving us like this!]

[Well, what’s their relationship, really? And who’s the father?]

[I even heard that they are doing a variety show together, that they were being sweet. Is that all fake

Both Jay and Zoe were scowling harder by the second as they scrolled through the radical comments.

“I’ll be direct, Mr. Parker. I’m sure you know better than I do, since I’m sure you know better than I do
that anything can happen in showbiz,” Ruby said, having given Jay enough time to check the news.

’Of course. Tell me.” Jay remained calm and composed.

Zoe, who was on the verge of screaming, was actually impressed Jay could remain this cool-headed.

’Your marriage with Ms. York has always been your private affair, and no one has the right to pry in.
However, the theme of our variety show is romance, and a relationship scandal will deal a significant
blow to our ratings—in other words, if everything they say was proven true, we might really have to
rescind your participation as a couple.”

Jay remained silent, refraining from responding right away.

Ruby in turn added, “Of course, if you’re able to resolve the entire issue on your own, we’ll be pleased
to keep you as a guest.”

In other words, she would not rescind their spots as guests even if their relationship was faked-as long
as the public believed it.

She was a businesswoman, and like all business people, they only ever saw value.

In that sense, truth did not matter.

As such, Jay told her, ’ Ms. Jones, the only assurance I can offer right now is that I’ll resolve the
scandal between myself and Zoe right away. I can’t promise that things will go smoothly, and should we
be unable to resolve the entire issue, Zoe and I will relinquish our spots as guests to Journey of Love,
as well as issue formal apologies and pay any required damages. If we do well, however, it will be your
decision if we may continue as guests.”

Jay’s attitude was earnest, which improved Ruby’s impression toward him.

“In that case, you have my best wishes, Mr. Parker,” she replied. “I can admit that I do see a market
value in your marriage with Ms. York, but personally, your assurance does convince me that I can
extend our partnership beyond.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Ms. Jones.”

“Well, speaking further with you now would only delay things for you and Zoe. I’m unable to offer you
direct support here, but whatever the outcome may be, we wont be demanding compensation. We’ll
still be paying you according to the recorded hours you’ve worked on our program as well.”

Ruby’s courtesy had certainly extended beyond the phase of what was necessary.

“Yes.” Jay did not dwell on it further either. “We shall discuss further details later.”

“Good luck.”

As Jay hung up, he looked up to find Zoe flushed with rage, and she was only getting further infuriated
the more comments she read.

At first, the netizens were commenting fairly, but now they were going straight for personal attacks.

Truly, no one would know how terrible cyberviolence could be until they got on the receiving end.

’It’s alright.” Jay suddenly flashed Zoe a smile, patting her head and saying mildly, ’You have me.”

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