Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1030

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Cora was biting her lip.

Yes, she was the one who leaked the news.

To be precise, she had asked her mother to do it.

She had lost her head when she returned to her ward and texted her mother endlessly, saying things
like Zoe had stolen twenty years of her life and was now messing around with Bob. She insisted that
Zoe was intent on messing with her and had every intention to make her life miserable!

For Nancy’s part, she already owed Cora a lot, and Zoe was the symbol of her humiliation. In fact, she
already had trouble abiding with Zoe’s presence before, but she never made a move as she was
worried about provoking Jay.

But once Cora ranted to her over the phone, all hell broke loose.

It took just ten minutes for the bombshell about Jay and Zoe’s marriage to reach news headlines.

Be that as it may, Cora was now afraid after causing such a huge mess.

In fact, she had no idea why she was scared of Jay, but she always had been cowed by him.

Maybe because Jay helped her on her rise to stardom, or perhaps she actually knew where Jay’s
strength lies, she earnestly admired and respected him, which was why she always tiptoed around him.

“What are you talking about?” Bob asked Jay in disbelief.

He knew that Cora could get jealous, even narrow-minded.

However, he believed it was understandable for Cora to feel inferior and insecure. After all, she was
only brought back to Levine Manor when she was past twenty and did not actually grow up in high

It did not cross his mind that Cora would actually do something so petty.

“Read the news yourself,” Jay told Bob since he did not have the time for him, and he continued to
snap at Cora. “I don’t know if I can still forgive you and your mother now, and this is way beyond the
limits of my tolerance. You two can do whatever you want now, I don’t care.”

And with those words, he turned to leave.

He did not actually come to throw a fit, nor did he come to demand that they rescind the leak-no one
could be nice when they were in such a terrible mood.

In fact, he was neither showing weakness at all nor asking for their help.

If anything, all he came to do was to tell them that he was cutting ties with them.

As such, Cora started to panic and quickly called Nancy after Jay left, on the verge of tears even as
she told her, “Mom! Uncle Jay just came and told me he’s never forgiving us!”

“If that’s what he wants, fine!”

Nancy was certainly not afraid—she had been proud and spoiled since she was raised in Levine Manor
as a child. “If he doesn’t care about his own family, I have no reason to compromise my principles

“But I’m only in showbiz thanks to Uncle Jay. I’m worried…”

“You just have to give up on showbiz at worst. We have all the money to last you the rest of your life.”

“But it’s my ambition to be a performer, Mom. I really like acting…”

“We’ll talk about that later. Also, why worry? Jay is not all-powerful, and I can cover for you whatever it
is. I’d never let Zoe York bully you, but I must tell you, don’t break up with Bob. He’s a good man, and
I’m a good judge of character.”

“But he doesn’t love me…’

“Feelings can be nurtured, and that can wait until after you marry him. Also, Zoe will be too busy with
Jay, so Bob will never be with her. Don’t get paranoid about it.’


“Your health matters too, and you need to heal after that dog bit you.

Anything else can wait until you come back.”


Cora calmed down after calling Nancy, only to sense an icy glare leveled at her.

She turned to find Bob glaring at her, his expression ice-cold.

‘Why did you do this?!” he demanded, his words slow and severe. “This was between us. Why did you
have to get others involved?! Zoe never offended you, so why did you do this to her?!’

“She never offended me?!” Cora bellowed thunderously. “She told twenty years of my life, and she’s
also obsessing over my fiance! She’s the one person who’s offended me the most in the entire world!”

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