Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1032

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Cora could not accept reality at all and was still yelling after Bob maniacally to justify herself. “I never
did anything wrong! Zoe owes me that much! But now, every single one of you is hurting me!”


She was not at fault.

They were all at fault!

Even so, Bob seemed not to hear her hysterics and left without looking back.

Cora bit her lip.


She had no regrets!

She refused to regret what she did today! Never!

After leaving Cora’s ward. Jay had headed to a quiet corner in the hospital, making arrangements in an
orderly manner.

Bob quietly walked up to Jay and waited in silence as he stood beside Jay.

After around half an hour, Jay finally hung up and turned to Bob.

As the men traded glances, Bob spoke first. “Sorry. I was the one who brought this on Zoe.”

Jay shook a head-this was not Bob’s fault at all.

It was Cora, who never once relinquished the darkness plaguing her heart.

He thought she could slowly change with everything he had done for her, but it turned out to be just his
wishful thinking.

‘ Don’t worry, I can handle this. Zoe won’t suffer for it,” Jay said, giving nothing but his promise.nvëlx.o

Bob smiled, a little wistful.

He handed Jay a cigarette, who took it after some hesitation, and they headed to the smoking area.

In the room where smoke swirled. Bob said a little wearily, “Urgh, the irony.”

As Jay frowned, Bob took a deep puff of his cigarette and said, “I mean, I’m hoping that you could keep
Zoe safe from grief and resolve any crisis she faced instantly. On the other hand, I was also hoping
you’re not that all- powerful, so that I have reason to go up to Zoe to snap at your incompetence and
vent my dissatisfaction.”

His smile was as lonely as it was miserable.

Jay, however, was perhaps the only one who could empathize with Bob- he used to feel the way Bob
felt now, after all.

Clapping a hand on Bob’s shoulder, he could only say, “Thanks.”

“You cunning b*st*rd.” Bob chuckled to hide the misery in his heart just then, clapping Jay’s shoulder in
return and sighing heavily. “I would’ve beaten you up if you didn’t thank me for that. I’m counting on you
to watch over Zoe now.”

“Yeah.” Jay nodded. “So, where are you going now?”

Bob had already snuffed out his cigarette and turned to leave. “I’m going for a stroll to clear my head,
or I’d end up as vile as Cora.”

‘No,’ Jay thought. ‘You never will.

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