Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1031

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Bob was apoplectic. “Yes, she stole twenty years of your life, but have you considered that you did the
same to her too?! And she never hated you for it!”

“So what?!” Cora retorted. ’’She enjoyed all the luxuries of Levine Manor and had the best education,
while I suffered out there! What right does she have to hate me?!”

“You like to think so, don’t you?” Bob snapped, arguing furiously and not caring about humiliating Cora
just then. “It’s exactly as you put it-she enjoyed all those luxuries in life and would still be the heiress of
the Levine family if you never showed up. She would still be high-and-mighty, enjoying life without a
care, but because you showed up, she lost everything from her wealth to her family! Ask your
conscience, wouldn’t you feel hate if you were in her shoes?!”

“You’re still my fiance, Bob!’ Cora cried hysterically. “How could you say such things to me?! I’m the
one who suffered-why are you still siding with Zoe?!”

“From where I’m standing, you never suffered. No—you’re demanding a mile now that you had an

Bob was done with pretending then-he would never forgive Cora for what she had done today.“That’s
my fault?!” Cora snapped, continuing to argue for herself regardless. “Have you considered that Zoe
would never have appeared in your life if she never stole my place?! You’d never have fallen for her, let
alone argue for her!”

“No,” Bob growled coolly. “I would never have been with you if not for Zoe.”

Cora was left gaping at Bob in

“What are you talking about?!”

“I only agreed to date you to protect Zoe,” Bob said, coming clean right then. “I did it so that Zoe didn’t
have to feel guilty, and it’s for Zoe’s sake that I even looked your way!”

Cora froze right then, suddenly unable to recognize Bob just then.

“I may have wronged you in some ways, Cora, but Zoe never did!” Bob continued with icy indifference.
“You can lash out at me and hate me, but you never should’ve taken your frustrations out on Zoe. For
that, I’m breaking up with you.”

“Bob! We’re getting married soon! How could you break up with me over something so trivial?!’nvëlx.o

Cora was absolutely overwhelmed.

All she did was give in to her indignation once and lash out at Zoe, and everyone was immediately at
her throat!

Jay, Bob… they were all the same!

Why was she not allowed to hit back at Zoe, and when Zoe was clearly threatening her?!

Nonetheless, Bob snorted. “Anything that concerns Zoe isn’t trivial.”

“You… Scumbag!” Cora bellowed. “Why did you toy with my feelings if you never loved me?! Why did
you even date me?!’

“Yes, I’m scum, so come after me-l can take anything you dish out,” Bob growled slowly but clearly. ‘But
if you go after Zoe…”

“What? What’d you do about it?!” Cora shrieked, her emotions already spiraling beyond control just

’I’ll retaliate with equal measure.”

Cora began to shed pearl-sized tears.

She just could not understand—she worked so hard to improve herself and earn their favor, only to lose
to Zoe!

Why were they doing this to her? Why would they go so far for Zoe?

That was when she watched Bob spring to his feet and head out of her ward, and she promptly called
out to him in panic, “Where are you going, Bob?!”

“We’ve already broken up, so there’s no reason for me to stay in the same room with you.”

“No! I’m not breaking up with you!”

“That’s your own business,” Bob replied, completely unmoved.

“Do you think you get to have a say? Would your parents agree to it?! Don’t forget, Bob, our
engagement is agreed between our parents—”

“No,” Bob growled icily. “It was just a compromise. As long as it’s not with Zoe, any relationship I have
is a compromise.”


Bob refused to say another word and left the room right then, while Cora watched him go, her tears
blurring her vision.

She really loved Bob, and this felt like her heart was ripped in two.

She had fallen for him at first sight, and her feelings for him only grew further after they confirmed their

And yet, he was now breaking up with her even though they were supposed to get married soon!

How could she accept this?!

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