Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1034

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Zoe turned to look at Jay to see the nonchalant look on his face and could not help asking, “You’re
really not afraid that Nancy is upset, are you?”

Jay turned to look at her. “Are you?”

Zoe shook her head and said flatly, “I used to care before, but I think I’m over it now.”

“So why should I be afraid?” Jay asked her with a smile.

The way he put it… it was as if he would worry if she did and would not if she did not.

But had he not been reliant on the Levines for years?

Even if the Levines were no longer involved in commerce, their wealth and estate was immeasurable,
and no one would challenge them for no reason. Naturally, Jay had gathered enough influence to
himself by now, so the Levines could not do anything to him.

Zoe just did not peg Jay for being such an ingrate.

“Don’t worry over nothing,” Jay said then, patting her head. “I never owed the Levines.”

He could read her mind as usual, though Zoe was pursing her lips.

She certainly did not want Jay to ignore his conscience for her sake or be condemned as an ingrate,
since the Levines had been good to him.

Nonetheless, they had returned to North City by 11 AM, and Jay even brought in a makeup artist for

She really had no idea what she was up to-would everyone not be further outraged the prettier she
looked right now?

Still, she did not reject it, since Jay might prefer lookers.

Either way, she trusted him unconditionally, and at worst, they would both be flamed-her heart was
stout enough to take that much.

At 2 PM, Jay and Zoe appeared punctually at the venue of the press conference, and both were
dressed grandly for the occasion.

That, and their exuberant appearance, left most of the journalists present surprised.

The press conference was being streamed live on the internet as well, with countless netizens breaking
out their popcorn.

They were already in a frenzy to see the couple dressed grandly.

[What the hell?! They’re getting canceled, but they are still dressing up like that?! Do they feel no

[Unforgivable! No matter what they say!]

[This is disrespectful! I’ve been having trouble eating and sleeping because their ship might sink, but
they’re acting like it doesn’t hurt them! It’s disgusting!]

[Whatever they say, I’m not believing them!]

[I heard they were filming a romance variety show. I’ll say it outrightboycott it if they keep those two!]

[Boycott everything they are in!]

The netizens were certainly being lively, just as the venue was getting noisy.

“Mr. Parker, you have been revealed to be lying about your secret marriage with Ms. York. What do you
have to say about that?”

“Are you dressed grandly to declare to the internet that neither of you care about the netizens’
skepticism towards your relationship?”

Mr. Parker, are both of you here to tell everyone with that getup that public opinion does not matter to

“Is your marriage hidden, shotgun, or coerced?”

The journalists’ barrage of questions was starting to overwhelm Zoe, since she had never suffered
such harassment from the press before.

When she was canceled earlier, she basically disappeared without a trace and without a chance to face
the press.

She could not help turning toward Jay.

She had no idea when it started, but Jay had become her refuge.


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