Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1037

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The journalists were left in an uproar again-no one could resist discussing the bombshells Jay was

“My goodness… I thought it’s already shocking that Jay is Alan Levine’s illegitimate son… but Zoe
used to be the Levines’ heiress too?!”

“Why wasn’t there anyone who told us about Zoe’s identity before?”

“Now that Jay has mentioned it, it was weird how Zoe seemed to disappear into thin air back then. How
could someone vanish from showbiz so completely? Was it really revenge from the Levines?!’

“I remember an article mentioning Zoe’s appearance in front of Levine Manor, but no one seemed to
care because Jay announced that he was dating Mandy Jessop soon after…’

’Oh, right, Jay used to date Mandy Jessop… I’m confused.”

“Yeah, it’s all so complicated! This has to be the greatest bombshell in showbiz, don’t you think?”

The journalists were all eagerly and noisily discussing the piece of news, since there were just so many
questions. Even they would lose their minds if Jay did not explain everything down to the last detail, let
alone the netizens.

In fact, the comment section was slowing down again, although some of them were still commenting:

“There’s no rush, everyone. I will explain everything,” Jay said, and the room was instantly silent again.

With that, he said, “In reality, Zoe and I had fallen in love with each other a long while ago. I certainly
had no idea why she would, when I was always so cowed, quiet, and withdrawn.”

“She was wearing this pink princess gown when I first saw her, and her cheeks were a fair pink in
contrast to her bright skin-she looked just like a porcelain doll, and I thought she was as dazzling as the
stars above when she smiled at me. I’d just lost my mother at the time, but I found warmth from her and
suddenly decided I could stay in Levine Manor even if it was filled with strangers. That was why I
worked hard to please the Levines even though I was clumsy about it, because I feared the day they
would get upset with me and chase me out.

“And as I spent more time with the Levines, I only got the growing sense that they were all
extraordinary people-even the people around them.

John Levine was the smartest boy I’d ever met, and even his friends like Sam Saunders and Bob Davis
were sharp and confident fortheir age. I certainly felt like they eclipsed me, and the inferiority complex
deep inside me always flared whenever I watched them play with Zoe. That’s why I worked even
harder to do better for the family while improving myself, intent on becoming as successful as they
were so I could play with Zoe too.

’Fortunately, the Levines were kind to me and never spared any expense on my education, even
respecting my opinions. One day, I inadvertently overheard Zoe stating her ambitions to be a star
actress, so I enrolled in the film directing course of a film school so I could direct the films she was
involved in…

“For the longest time, I discreetly planned a future with us, even if we had yet to tell each other how we
felt. Even so, our interest with each other was gradually getting apparent as we grew older, and I could
feel that it was the case for both of

’I was waiting for Zoe to be eighteen to declare my love for her, but she beat me to it when she was

Jay trailed off, her gaze a mixture of happiness and misery. “She kissed me that night, and I kissed her
back. Happiness came as sudden as natural like that, since I’d already decided by then that she’d be
my better half-even if things came a little earlier than expected.nvëlx.o

“I always took that happiness for granted—as if it was my right, which was why I felt as if the world
ended for me when it was taken away. Because on that same night, Alan Levine sat me down and
gave me the first serious talk he ever gave me: he told me that I was his biological son and not his
adopted son, and that was why Zoe and I could never be together.”

Jay’s eyes welled with tears even as he said that, as if the blow remained in him even after so many
years-it still hurt even now, when he remembered it.

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