Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1039

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Jay continued, “That is why Zoe never revealed that she was a Levine no matter what trouble she got
into over the years while being in showbiz. It was agreed that she would give up on her showbiz career
if her identity was ever exposed… Therefore, when a paparazzi took photos of me with her in front of
Levine Manor, drawing speculation of a potential affair, I publicly announced a relationship with Mandy
Jessop so that Zoe’s showbiz career was kept from harm-so that Zoe did not have to forfeit her career
she had so much passion for.”

Zoe turned towards Jay in shock again, just like the rest of the journalists.

So Jay dated Mandy back then… for Zoe?


One could say for sure now that everything Jay did, he did it for Zoe.

“However, when I was about to give in and accept that I could never be together with Zoe, then came a
sudden dramatic turn of events-yes, it was when Zoe was revealed to be not Nancy Levine’s daughter,
which also meant we were not blood-related. I had to admit that I was overjoyed when I found out
about that, more than any sadness I had for her situation. I thought it was a gesture of benevolence
from destiny itself, that fate was giving Zoe and myself a chance.

“However, Nancy was left infuriated with the truth about Zoe and went all out to destroy her in every
way. Naturally, I didn’t fear anything Nancy would do to Zoe or what the Levines would do to me if I
chose to side with Zoe. Even so, I wanted to end things amicably with the Levines, and agreed with
Alan Levine that I would only approach Zoe after a month. He was sure that I would do something rash,
but that one month is all it took for me to miss out on Zoe again.”

Zoe quietly listened to his story, her heart aching persistently as she did.

She had always loathed Jay, presuming that he never loved her when he was going so far for her in
secret, quietly enduring so much…

At that very moment, she suddenly realized that he would have kept everything to himself and never
said a word about it, even after all the pain he was put through, if not for the sudden malicious leak that
scandalized them.

In that case, she would never have found out how much he loved her.

“In that one month, Zoe started going out with a fine gentleman who handled many of the troubles
plaguing her. He loved her too, and they were happy together. I wanted to sabotage that relationship
just because Zoe loved me first-because there were misunderstandings that prevented us from being
together-but I ultimately stopped myself from actually doing it. I couldn’t ignore the smile on her face at
the time, and that prevented me from doing anything that would hurt her. Even if it broke my heart, I
constantly told myself that anything goes as long as she was happy, that it was fine. Once again, I
believed that Zoe and I would never be together, and my only hope was that she could be happy-that
she could forget all about me and lead a good life.

“It was a wish granted, and I should accept it with gladness, even if I missed out on my own happiness
in turn.

Jay’s tone remained calm as ever, and all the journalists were listening in silence.

They no longer erupted in uproars or got agitated, as if they were now capable of listening in silence to
Jay’s full account of this tale between him and Zoe.

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