Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1041

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Jay then continued in his attractive voice, “Zoe disappeared from my life ever since. I never went
looking for her, nor did she come back to me—it seemed that we vanished from each other’s lives after
our most intimate moment.

“However, we met again on the production stage of Actors on Set, when she made her return to
showbiz. I was as overjoyed as I felt stressed when I saw her, because I did not dare to reveal to her
how I felt, in fear of her disgust. However, I underestimate her influence on me… I couldn’t stop myself
from getting close to her, to keep looking at her. Even if I didn’t want to impose on her life, my heart
was plagued with a crazed obsession to bring her back to my side.”

“I’d always thought that destiny had been good to me, and I was offered light at the end of the tunnel
because I met Yelena, this adorable girl on a certain day, who turned out to be Zoe’s daughter. I was
afraid to believe that she was my daughter, but I certainly desired to be her daddy. So, when Zoe was
exposed to being raising a child, I went to her immediately.

“I was well aware of how much she cared about showbiz since she did not hold back from fighting her
own family just fora shot to build a career all by herself. Therefore, I deceived her, saying that I would
announce our secret marriage and that Yelena is our child if she stayed with me, which in turn would
resolve her scandal. She agreed to it, and I married the woman of my dreams as I wished.”

By now, the journalists present were left emotional from Jay’s profound love.

All the malice in the live comments were gone as well, as every netizen was left astounded that Zoe
and Jay could still be together even after years of trials and tribulations.

It was as if they forgot they were there to slaughter Zoe and Jay!

On the other hand, Zoe was totally silent.

All she could feel was the pain and warmth she could not ignore inside.

“I’m sure I don’t have to speak further on the rest, since everyone would be aware of that. In short, I
stopped at nothing to bring Zoe back to my side, even if it meant deceiving the world. As such, I
solemnly apologize for the fans who showed Zoe and myself so much concern and I support. Even if I
don’t regret my actions, it was still unbecoming of a gentleman, and I gladly accept all your criticism.”

With those words, Jay rose from his chair, albeit with considerable difficulty.

As everyone watched him, he bowed in apology, and the room was silent in return.

It was likely that the journalists present had no idea how to respond to him just then.

To criticize him, when his love was so admirable?

Or not to criticize him, when he had deceived the public?

Nonetheless, Zoe rose from her seat as well.

Looking at Jay and then at the journalists, she said, “If I had known Jay loved me so much, I never
would have strayed an inch away from him.”

It was her answer to his feelings.

Jay was smiling in return.

Despite their current PR crisis, Zoe’s reaction was still more important to him than anyone else.

After all, he did not answer to the world-only Zoe.

“I was furious when the leak hit the press, but now, I’m thankful to them. If not for them, I would never
have known how much Jay loved me, and I would always have kept misgivings in my heart, even if I
would still love this man dearly…”

Her tears finally trickled out of the corner of her eyes, after she kept them in for so long.

She really, really wanted to scold him right then.

This fool.

How did he survive all those years? How did he live with all that pain in his heart?!

“It’s alright, Zoe!” one of the journalists suddenly yelled. “Whatever others may think, you and Mr.
Parker have my support!”

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