Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1042

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The other journalists started to offer their support too, and all of them were soon clamoring to say their
piece, while Jay held on firmly to Zoe’s hand.

“Me too!’

“A love this pure and beautiful is praiseworthy, not scandalous!’

“I’m sure everyone can understand why Mr. Parker would lie for Ms. York’s sake before. This love is
yours, and the rumors must stop here and now.”

“Thank you all.

“I’ll admit that my greater purpose here is to declare my love for Zoe in front of everyone in the country.
I’m not good with words, and there are times I get so nervous around Zoe I can’t say a thing. If not for
this incident, I might have kept a lid on my feelings and never spoken up for the rest of my life.

“And now…”

Jay turned toward Zoe then.

He then saw that Zoe’s eyes were red, her tears unstoppable.


He should be the one crying here.

Still, he was genuinely rejoicing that she returned to his side.

There were times when he would suddenly wake up in the night and wonder for a long while if
everything he had now was just a dream.

Was Zoe still right beside him, within reach?

He had been so careful he would never breathe too loudly, worried that he would shatter the perfection
of the present, to find out that everything was just an illusion.

Even so, he now reached out with his long fingers to stroke Zoe’s cheek, wiping away her tears as he
murmured, “Don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart. ■

Zoe did not want to cry.

She never did like to show her misery to others, but she simply could not control herself at the moment.

She really wanted to bawl at the thought of how Jay had suffered in silence.

As a method actress, she certainly felt contempt that she had no restraint.

She had this vague premonition that the hashtag #Zoethecrybaby would top search rankings soon

“Alright. If you like it-if you desire it, it shall be done.” Jay smiled tenderly even though his tears were
welling in his eyes too.

Suddenly, he dropped down on both knees.

“Jay…” Zoe gasped in shock.

“I’m sorry, but my right leg’s disabled so I can’t drop down on one knee,” he explained. ’I can only
propose to you in this unseemly manner.”

But it was not unseemly!

His upright gait showed a man, unbroken and unbent-and he was obviously so handsome!

Zoe’s heart was pounding madly as Jay took a ring out of his wallet.

“I bought this engagement ring four years ago. There has been a considerable delay, but will you marry
me?” Jay asked her.

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