Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1043

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Zoe was filled with deep pain.

Why was Jay so nice?

Why was he vehemently good?

She hated him so much during those years. How did he suffer through that period?

As a result, she cried profusely and vigorously, feeling greatly sorry for him.

She wanted nothing but to give all her heart to him now, and she also wanted to tell him that she loved
him very much and had always been in love with him.

“I do,” she said. She sobbed and said loudly, “Jay, I do. I’ll marry you!”

Suddenly, there was thunderous applause at the scene.

At that moment, they seemed to have seen love in its most beautiful state.

The comments were full of congratulations and blessings.

[Congratulations! You made me cry.]

[I came to scold them, but now… you guys have to be happy forever!]

[Jay is indeed a perfect man!]

At last, the screen was full of nothing but the same comment. [Jay is a perfect man!]nvëlx.o

With shaky hands, Jay put the ring on Zoe’s ring finger.

It was of the same size.

At that instant, Zoe burst into tears again.

She recalled the day when Jay left. It was snowing hard. He eagerly dreamed of their happiness, but
she resolutely turned away and left. A missed call ended their future of being with each other.

If she could trust Jay more, it would be so much better.

Jay got to his feet, and Zoe helped him up.

They looked at each other with teary faces.

They were once afraid to dream of being together for their whole lives, so they shed tears of joy when
they finally possessed that happiness.

They hugged each other tightly, and the applause did not stop.

After a long while, Jay let go of Zoe.

Though he did not even want to let her go for even a second and wanted nothing but to make her a
part of his so she would never leave him, he had a more important issue to resolve now.

They returned to their seats respectively.

Zoe was wiping her tears all that while, unable to stop crying, but she was in fact so happy now that
she was over the moon.

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