Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1045

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“So, can you bind me with moral coercion for the rest of my life just because of what you contributed to
me?” Jay demanded coldly.

Sitting beside him, Zoe was stunned.

Frankly, she did not know if it was some kind of psychological shadow that was troubling her all that
while, but she was always in awe of Nancy.

Although she encouraged Jay to pick up the call just now, it was because she did not want Nancy to
pester them relentlessly. She knew Nancy too well, and Nancy would never give up until she achieved
her goal. If Jay did not answer the call, she would not stop calling him. At last, she might even go to his

Zoe even mentally prepared herself the moment Jay answered the call. Jay was not Nancy’s opponent
again, and he would only be vigorously rebuked by Nancy. She even made up her mind to brace
herself and helped Jay to stand against Nancy.

Unexpectedly, Jay was so powerful.

“Moral coercion? Do you even know what that is? We’re a family. Jay, both you and I share the blood of
the Levine family. Zoe is just an outsider!” Nancy became agitated.

She was used to feeling superior from when she was young. All she ever heard were praises showered
on her. No one had ever treated her that way, so she could not accept it.

Similarly, she could not accept it because of Jay’s companionship.

All the Levines cared deeply about their family relationship.

Even if Jay was not a Levine back then, he was brought home by Alan, so all Levines were very nice to

That was the influence of the family they grew up in.

But now, Jay wanted to fall out with Nancy for the sake of a woman.

As a result, Nancy flared up in a rage.

“She isn’t an outsider. She’s my wife, sis!” Jay suddenly addressed Nancy that way.

Zoe nearly never heard Jay address her that way.

In her impression, he rarely addressed Alan as his father, and he also rarely addressed Nancy as his

When he addressed her that way at that instant, Zoe felt inexplicably melancholic.

“I made myself very clear during the press conference just now. I wasn’t trying to threaten or slander
you. Everything I did is just the responsibility a husband should fulfill. If you don’t approve of it or can’t
accept it, we can cut off our relationship. If you still want to control me or hurt the person most
important to me, I’ll risk everything to fight you to the death!” Jay said aloofly. “Everything I did today
represented my determination!”

“Why, you!” Nancy was so angry that she became speechless.

“Well, that’s it.” Jay hung up the call.

He acted smoothly and slickly without any hesitation.

Zoe widened her eyes and looked at Jay.

In the past, she felt that he was the weakest man in the Levine family who had no right to speak. At that
moment, he was so tough and overbearing.

Did he pretend very well in the past, or did he change for her?

It seemed like she would believe the second possibility more.

What should she do?

She yearned to throw herself into Jay’s arms now and make babies with him on the spot.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll protect you no matter what happens,” Jay said word by word and guaranteed.

“I’m not scared.” Zoe smiled.

Tm not afraid as long as you’re around even if it’s a great issue.’

They looked at each other passionately.

They confessed their love for each other, and they would spend the rest of their lives being honest with
each other.

However, Zoe inexplicably felt slightly awkward at the moment.

It was understandable, as for so many years, she was used to hating Jay, and she habitually ignored
everything about him.

‘Now I suddenly learned that he loves me so much, so I can’t ignore him anymore!’

She seemed to have forgotten how she should get along with him.

Did Jay feel the same?

Otherwise, why did he remain quiet?

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