Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1044

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However, she could not stop crying, seemingly having suddenly lost control of her tears.

Jay was still holding Zoe’s hand tightly with one hand. He then said to all the reporters, “Other than
revealing the love affair between Zoe and me to everyone today, I want to declare my stand here to the

Soon the atmosphere became solemn, with the reporters also looking at Jay with slight anxiety.

Jay continued directly, saying, “I wasn’t willing to talk about this in the past. I was used to suffering in
silence for many things, or to me, many things are not that important except Zoe, including my feelings
or me. Most of the time, I led a life emotionlessly. But today, I want to make myself clear.

‘Firstly, Zoe isn’t at fault for being your daughter. You had no reason to shift all the humiliation that
you’ve suffered on Zoe. What’s more, the things you’ve done to Zoe these years were because of your
selfishness and cruelty.

“Secondly, I tolerated you these years because of our family relationship. I know that you’re very nice to
your family and relatives, and I’m also very thankful for that. After you learned about my identity, you
didn’t hesitate much or refuse it before you accepted me. But even so, I don’t accept moral coercion.

“Thirdly, I love Zoe more than my life, so I prohibit anyone from bullying her again, including you! I won’t
accept any kind of threat from you. I can also tell you that I don’t want any property of the Levine family.
As for the relationship between us as siblings, it’s all in your hands. If you can’t accept Zoe or even
target her for the rest of your life, I’ll harm you just to protect her!

‘Lastly, I think I should remind you again. When Mr. Alan Levine died, he ordered you not to target Zoe
again. Zoe did nothing wrong. By the way, let me tell you a secret. Before he died, he advised me to

boldly pursue my happiness. You should know very well whom he was referring to when he talked
about my so-called happiness!”

Although Jay mentioned no names, everyone knew that he was talking to Nancy.

It was also at this moment that everyone was enlightened. It must be Nancy’s doing since it was
suddenly exposed that Jay and Zoe were not secretly married.

For a moment, Nancy was soon pushed to the heart of the issue.

The number of comments rose rapidly.

[D*mn! Nancy is too overbearing! How could she break up a couple?]

(That’s outrageous. Why did Nancy vent her grudges against her husband on Zoe? Zoe did nothing

[This woman is too wicked, isn’t she? Zoe’s been with her for twenty-five years. Even if she can’t take
this blow, she doesn’t have to use this kind of method to take revenge on Zoe!]

[What a preposterous thing! In short, I’ll give my blessings to Jay and Zoe from now on.]

[Anyone who wants to separate Jay and Zoe will be punished by God!]

Nancy’s reputation suffered a deep blow.

Jay could anticipate all results, but he did not hesitate at all.

It would make others feel that he was gullible and could be easily trifled with every time he tolerated it.

He used the most extreme method to tell Nancy that no one could harm Zoe. Once they did, he would
fall out with them and risk everything else.

Jay got up from his seat again.

He uttered, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming and listening to my past with Zoe
patiently. Thank you for your approvals and blessings. The press conference is dismissed. Thank you!”

He then bowed.

Zoe followed suit.

They left the scene first under the staffs escort.

After that, the reporters also left quickly.

It was such big news. Of course, they had to rush back to report the truth.

When Zoe and Jay were back in the car, Zoe had yet to talk with Jay alone when Jay’s phone rang

However, Jay neither answered the phone nor rejected the call.

‘Just pick up the phone,” Zoe said.

She knew that it was a call from Nancy.

Today, Jay had declared war on Nancy unilaterally, and Nancy would hold him responsible for it, given
her character.

Pursing his lips gently, Jay answered the call.

“Jay, how dare you do this to me!” The moment the call was answered, a crazy roar came from the
other end of the phone. “Are you very happy now that I’m despised by people? Do you want to force

me to death? When did I ever wrong you? Dad is old, so I was always the one who helped you handle
your affairs. How ungrateful you are!”

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