Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1046

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Except for breathing, there was only the sound of their heartbeats in the quiet space.

‘Zoe.’ Jay finally spoke up.

When he spoke, he caught Zoe off guard, so she trembled slightly.

Consequently, Jay laughed.

Suddenly, his eyes seemed to have lit up brightly.

He was at such an age, but he had such clear and bright eyes. Well, he was indeed devastatingly

“Did I scare you?’ he asked gently.

’I was thinking. Of course you scared me when you suddenly spoke,” Zoe answered grumpily.

’I was referring to the thing I said at the press conference today.’

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat.

She recalled everything that Jay said at the press conference today… Consequently, many emotions
overwhelmed her.

Zoe took a deep breath and said slowly, “Jay, I did hate you for many years. ■

“I know.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?’ Zoe’s eyes swiftly turned red.

However, she felt excruciating pain when she recalled her past grievances and how Jay suffered in

’I’m afraid you couldn’t accept it. Who can date their uncles?”

“At most, I could just assume I was disgusted by you. I didn’t have to hate you so much!

Jay was struck speechless. Was she so disgusted?

When he knew that Zoe was his biological niece, he was not disgusted at all, because it was Zoe. So,
nothing was disgusting. He just felt deep pain and despair.

“My identity was exposed after that. You had so many chances. Why didn’t you tell me?” Zoe
interrogated him.

“You were with Bob that time, weren’t you?” How many times did she want to remind him and torture
him about that sad affair?

’If I got together with Bob, would you keep this in your heart for the rest of your life?”

“Yes,” Jay replied without any hesitation.

Zoe’s eyes turned red again. “Was I not worth fighting for?”

“No, my feelings are worthless in comparison with your happiness.’

“Why were you so sure that I would be happy with Bob?”

“You laughed brightly with him around, and it had been a very long time since I last saw your sincere
smile. You were always unhappy in front of me.’

“You f*cking dumped me. Did you want me to smile at you? Didn’t you demand too much from me?”

“In short, I thought that you were very happy with Bob at that time.”


Zoe inevitably cursed.

When she recalled that they nearly missed each other…

She did not know how happy she would be with Bob, but she would regret it her whole life if she
learned the truth one day.

’I’m sorry. I was too opinionated.” Jay apologized. 1

’Stupid.” Zoe could not help it. She finally threw herself into Jay’s arms.

He was not opinionated at all.

He just cherished her too much that he did not dare to do anything to harm her.

’Jay, we shall never part again. We have to be together no matter what great issues happen. Even if we
die, we have to be buried together.”

’Hmm.” Jay turned his hands around to hug Zoe firmly.

He would never let go from now on.

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