Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1047

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They hugged each other tightly until they reached home.

When Yelena saw her parents come home, she crawled up from the floor excitedly, asking Jay for a

So, Jay let go of his crutch to hug Yelena, but Zoe yanked him.

Yelena then looked at them eagerly, and Jay became slightly shocked.

However, Zoe told Yelena very solemnly, “Your daddy is mine today. No one can snatch him away from

“Why?” When Yelena heard that, her eyes turned red.

Her aggrieved expression looked too pitiful.

“There’s no reason why.” Zoe sounded very firm.

’He’s my daddy! You can’t be too overbearing!” Yelena stated in a childishly fierce manner.

‘He’s my husband.” Zoe refused Yelena.

’I don’t want that. Daddy, you won’t abandon me, will you?” Yelena looked at Jay.

It seemed that not many people could turn Yelena down, given her look.

Jay was moved, but Zoe was not fooled at all.

She pulled Jay to her room.

’Daddy!” Yelena screamed behind them.

Jay limped and walked in a slightly sorry manner.

’Mommy, you’re bad!’ Yelena exclaimed while crying.

But the door of the room was slammed shut.

Jay abruptly fell to the floor because his legs were unsteady, and Zoe fell too because she was pulled
by Jay.

However, the difference was she fell on Jay, so she felt not a tinge of pain with him to cushion her fall.

But the man beneath her was full of guilt and anxiety. “Are you hurt?”

’No,” Zoe replied. “Does it hurt?”

’No, I’m fine.”

“Let me help you up.” Zoe got up.

She felt that she was indeed too impulsive just now, with the reason being that Yelena was too hard to

Zoe was afraid that Yelena would beat her to it if she was slightly late. She wanted nothing but to stay
with Jay that day and did not want others to keep him for even a second.

She exerted herself to help him up, and he tried his best to get up.

The fall caused him much pain just now, so his body was slightly unsteady when he got up out of the
blue, and he nearly made her fall again.

Zoe finally helped him to steady himself with much difficulty. They were filled with lingering fear while
sitting at the edge of the large bed.

’I’m sorry,” Jay suddenly said.

“Hmm?” Zoe was still panting. She was stunned briefly before she regained her wits. “I’m fine. I didn’t
hurt myself.”

’I’m talking about my body.”

Zoe turned around to look at him.

“My physical disability,” Jay added.

After the car accident and his right leg turned lame, he was never so selfabased in front of others. But
he felt quite self-abashed and inferior in front of her.

“Jay, what do you take me for?” Zoe became angry. “Am I such a superficial person?”

“You value great looks very much.’

’I…” Suddenly, Zoe was struck speechless. She admitted to it in the next moment. “Yes, I do.”

“So, I’m afraid you’ll despise me.”

“That’s for others, but it doesn’t work on you,” Zoe said righteously.

Jay looked at her.

’It means that I’ll still like you even if you’re ugly.”

Why did it sound weird?

How ugly was he?

“What’s more, you hurt your leg. Your face is still charming.” Zoe looked at Jay’s face very carefully.

He was indeed very handsome not because he was her lover.

In addition, Jay’s unique temperament was awesome, and his self-restraint charming and attractive.

It was hard to explain.

At that moment, his weak look was greatly bewitching.

The way she looked at him now grew more complicated…

She inevitably licked her lips and braced herself to get closer to him.


Suddenly, they heard Yelena’s scream from the other side of the door.

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