Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1048

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Her great passion was put off out of the blue.

She felt that she had given birth to a young rival in love.

When Jay heard Yelena call after him, he was about to get up.

“Don’t go.” Zoe held his hand and appeared very aggrieved.

“I’ll ask Yelena why she called for me.”

“She just wants to seize you for herself.”

Jay was amused by Zoe.

“Are you jealous of your daughter?’

“Yes, I’m jealous,” Zoe admitted. “I didn’t even get to enjoy some time with you. Why should I let her
have you? We’ve finally resolved our past grudges, so I don’t care-l want you to be mine alone now.”

“You’re an adult.” Jay became helpless, but his eyes were full of adoration.

Her current look reminded him of the time when she was young.

For a very long time, Zoe kept a distant and cold front in front of him.

No one knew how much he missed having her following him around and pestering him to play with her.

So, he was slightly persuaded.

“Daddy,” Yelena spoke up again at the door.

“Be good. I’ll be right back.”

“No.’ Zoe was very persistent.


’I’ll go.’

Jay looked at her.

’I’ll negotiate well with my young rival in love.”.

While talking, Zoe walked to the door.

She saw Yelena’s aggrieved expression the moment she opened the door.

Yelena looked up happily, but her happiness turned into displeasure when she saw her mother.

’I’m looking for Daddy.”

“We’re busy at the moment.”


’It’s an adult affair.”

’Is it about getting me a brother or sister?” Yelena blinked her large, naive eyes and asked Zoe.

Zoe became speechless and stupefied.

Was that what a three-year-old should know?

’Is it?” Yelena continued asking Zoe.

“I guess,” Zoe reluctantly answered.

“Okay.” Yelena behaved adult-like and compromised all of a sudden. “If you and Daddy are willing to
give birth to a brother or sister to play with me, I can stop pestering Daddy.”

Zoe smiled speechlessly.

Yelena even negotiated a term with her.

“How long till I get a sibling?” Yelena questioned curiously.

“Er…” She did not know the answer either.

’Can you do it tomorrow?”

Consequently, Zoe was rendered speechless. ‘Do you think I can lay eggs?’

Laying eggs would take longer than that too.

“Maybe your sibling will come next year if you don’t delay me now.”

“Is that tomorrow?’

“No, but it’s very soon.” Zoe tried to explain away.

“All right.” Yelena nodded.

“Can you play on your own now?”

“Hmm.” Yelena happily turned away and left.

Zoe immediately closed the door and locked it, afraid of Yelena regretting her decision out of the blue.

She then turned around and quickly threw herself into Jay’s arms.

Jay felt pain and he fell on the bed from the impact.


“Shush, don’t talk.” Zoe blocked his mouth.

Jay looked at her.

’Let’s get Yelena a sibling.”

He thought she just made that excuse to drive Yelena away.

“Jay, do you love kids?” Zoe asked.

Jay nodded.

“Well, I’ll give you a basketball team.”

Jay widened his eyes. He felt he did not like children so much now.

But Zoe smiled brightly.

She approached Jay and bit his lips before she said, “Jay, I’ll give you everything you want.”


‘All I ever want is you.’

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