Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1051

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The moment Cora saw Jay, she broke down.

She stood up from her chair and yelled, “Jay, how could you be so cruel?! Are you happy to see my
mom in the emergency room?!”

Zoe furrowed her brows.

She was not very pleased with Cora’s attitude, but she forced herself to remain silent given that Nancy
was fighting for her life in the emergency room.

Yet Jay, to her surprise, yelled back, “The fact that your mom is in the emergency room has completely
nothing to do with me! If it weren’t because your mom was maliciously attacking Zoe, everything that
happened today wouldn’t have happened!”

“I…” Cora wanted to refute Jay, but had no words to say. She only spoke up after a few moments, “But
you know that my mom wouldn’t be able to bear the shock!”

‘And so Zoe deserves to be bullied by you because she’s mentally stronger?! Cora, you of all people
should know clearly that everything that’s happening to you right now is just because we chose ‘self-

But…’’ Cora could not outtalk Jay, especially since she was wrong in the first place. The only thing she
could do was to threaten him. “Would you have a clear conscience and remain unmoved if my mom

‘I did not do anything wrong,” Jay said emphatically.

He was not just saying that to Cora, but he truly felt so.

Before he came here today, he admitted that he could not remain indifferent toward Cora. But he did
not come because he had regrets. He was here merely to fulfill his moral obligations and not to repent.

Cora’s eyes turned red and tears welled up in her eyes as she no longer knew what to say, and Jay did
not offer her any comfort either.

He said gently to Zoe, “Let’s sit down and wait.”

’Okay.” Zoe nodded.

Cora watched on as Zoe and Jay behaved intimately.

She felt anger, hatred, and jealousy roiling in her heart.

What right did Zoe have to receive such love from Jay? What right did Zoe have to possess such
beautiful love while she had nothing?

All was quiet along the corridor.

Even though they did not have a guilty conscience, everyone felt nervous since a life was on the line.

After a long while, footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Everyone looked up.

It was Cordy rushing over with Richard.

Patrick was with them too.

’How is she?” Cordy asked anxiously.

Cora had called her to inform her that Nancy tried to commit suicide, and she had also paid attention to
the news over the past two days.

She had been doing so ever since Zoe and Jay’s secret marriage had been exposed.

She did not contact Zoe because she knew that not only would this incident not negatively affect Zoe,
but it would even push Zoe and Jay closer to each other.

As she had expected, Jay admitted his undying love for Zoe in front of all the reporters.

She had also expected everyone to give them their blessings.

What she did not expect was for Nancy to go to such an extreme.

Of course, she could not deny that netizens were also extreme in their animosity toward Nancy. Yet,
why would someone like Nancy who had seen the world be so vulnerable?

‘She’s still in the emergency room. It’s been two hours and she’s still inside. ’ Cora put on her weak and
vulnerable facade upon seeing Cordy.

‘I see,” Cordy said.

Cora stood stunned for a moment.

She did not expect Cordy to react so indifferently, not even offer a word of comfort.

Cordy was that insensitive. She simply felt that saving Nancy was of utmost priority and everything else
could wait.

Of course, she undeniably did not exactly like Cora very much.

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