Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1052

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There was no need for pleasantries with her.

She turned around and walked to Zoe.

Zoe felt emotional upon seeing Cordy, but she had to keep her emotions to herself while in the hospital
where doctors were still trying to save Nancy.

Cordy led Richard and sat next to Zoe while Patrick sat next to Jay, and they greeted each other.

Meanwhile, Cora sat on the row of chairs opposite them, feeling rather slighted.

She was clearly the one who should be comforted, yet everyone kept their distance from her.

She felt very upset inside.

She looked at Zoe and Cordy chatting in hushed tones with each other, the two of them clearly looking
very close to each other.

Over the years, although John had passed away, the Levines had always seen Cordy as John’s wife.
What’s more, she was also Richard’s biological mother and that made them see her as family all the

Yet, at this moment, novelbob she chose to stand on Jay and Zoe’s side.

Cordy clearly knew about the grudge between her mom and Zoe!

Was Cordy intending to go against the Levines?!

Why was everyone so ungrateful?

Jay was ungrateful, and so was Cordy!

Cora became increasingly bitter the more she thought about it.

Just then, the doors of the emergency room opened.

Cora was the first to rush to the door, while everyone else followed behind her.

The doctor walked out with fatigue etched on his face as he said, “The patient lost a lot of blood, but we
thankfully managed to save her in time and she’s out of danger for now. But I suggest keeping her
under observation for a few days just to be on the safe side.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the doctor’s words.

“The patient had cut her wrist to commit suicide and that is a sign of mental illness. I can treat her
physically but not mentally and emotionally. Family members should treat her with more care, give in to
her more, and avoid agitating her,” the doctor added. “Otherwise, she might not be so lucky next time.”

‘Okay. Thank you, doctor.” Cora immediately thanked him.

Meanwhile, a pale-faced Nancy was wheeled out from the emergency room by a couple of nurses.

“Mom.” Cora ran over and called out agitatedly, “Mom, Mom…”

Nancy turned to look at Cora, her eyes turning red with tears. “I’m sorry, Cora. I was wrong to scare
you like this…”

‘As long as you are alive and well, everything else isn’t important.” Cora sobbed. “Mom, don’t ever do
this again. Just tell me if you have anything on your mind, don’t scare me like this.”

Nancy did not promise Cora.

She had probably seen everyone else present.

The moment she saw Jay and Zoe, her originally calm face immediately gave way to anger.

’What are you two doing here?! To gloat at the terrible plight I’m in?!” Nancy sneered.

“Since you’re fine, I’ll be off.”

There did not seem to be any affections to speak of-no compassion, guilt, remorse, regret, not even an
ounce of anger.

He treated her like a complete stranger.

Jay turned to Zoe and said in a clearly tenderer tone, “Let’s go.”

Zoe nodded.

Before she left with Jay, she turned around and flashed Cordy a smile, gesturing with her hand that she
would call Cordy later.

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