Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1055

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“Dicky, do you want to stay here and spend more time with Grandaunt or go back with Mommy?” Cordy
respected Richard’s decision.

Richard looked at Nancy and hesitated for a moment before replying,” Grandaunt, take good care of
yourself. I’ll head back with Mommy.”

The expectant look in Nancy’s eyes gave way to cold ruthlessness.

She was unable to let go of her pride in front of outsiders, and the pride that was deeply rooted in her
did not allow her to give in to anyone.

Richard walked toward Cordy.

Before Cordy left, she stopped for a moment, and Nancy’s eyes glinted at that moment.

Cordy said frankly, ‘Threatening others with your own life is rather despicable.’

With that, she left without waiting for Nancy’s reply.

Nancy’s face was a mix of anger and awkwardness at being called out.

She had been seen through by another and it was a source of pain for her.

Yes, she did it on purpose.

She deliberately wanted Jay to regret his decision.

She could not stand being insulted and humiliated by others. She did not see how she had done
anything wrong, and she felt that anyone in her position would have targeted Zoe. Each time she
recalled how well she treated Zoe and remembered the truth behind her birth, she found it detestable.

She would never come to accept Zoe, not over her dead body!

Cordy walked out of the hospital.

Are you busy?” she asked Patrick.

“No, I’m not,” Patrick replied, “Are you chasing me away?”

‘No, if you’re not in a rush to head back to Rocktown, I would like you to join me and a friend for

‘It would be my honor.” Patrick’s face broke into a grin.

Cordy was speechless.

This man before her was clearly a man of the world. Why did he wear his heart on his sleeve?

“Who are your friends, by the way?” Patrick asked enthusiastically.

‘ Didn’t you meet some of them just now?”

“Are you referring to Jay Parker?” Patrick’s brows furrowed.

He did not seem very happy.

After all, Jay and John shared a… rather complicated relationship.

It was reasonable for him to feel jealous.

“It’s Zoe York,” Cordy clarified.

“Are you very close to her?”

“Should I not be?’

‘How did the two of you meet?” Something suddenly came to Patrick’s mind the moment he asked that.
“Probably because of John Levine, I suppose?”

‘ No. Zoe was previously a brand ambassador for our company.”

Vague memories of the past came to Patrick’s mind as he smiled. “I see. Let’s hurry then, shall we?’

‘It’s too early for dinner now. I need to head back to the office to do some work. We’ve arranged to
meet later in the evening,” Cordy explained.

‘You still have work to do? Don’t you just need to make arrangements online?”

“That’s why I need to go down physically to take a look.”

“Shall I accompany you, then?’ Patrick asked.

Cordy hesitated.

‘I promise I won’t interrupt your work,” Patrick swore.

’Fine.” Cordy relented.

“I knew you can’t bear to leave me,” Patrick said smugly.

“It’s only because you’re one of the partners that you have the right to join in the inspections.”

’Dicky, do you want to be with Mommy or head back to the villa?” Cordy asked Richard then.

Richard was zoning out, and he snapped back to attention upon hearing Cordy call him. He said at
once, ‘Til head back to the villa.”

“I’ll send you back first. Join us for dinner with your godmother tonight.” “Sure.”

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