Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1056

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Cordy sent Richard back.

Richard saw Cordy leave in the car with a heavy heart, not really knowing how to articulate the feelings
inside him.

He could sense that things were going well between his mommy and Patrick.

Mommy treated Patrick very well and vice versa. In fact, Patrick treated him very well.

Everything seemed like it was falling into place.

Richard sighed.

He should not have held out any hope.

It was Daddy who gave up on Mommy, and he should not find it a pity on Daddy’s behalf.

In the car, Cordy gave Zoe a call.

“Cordy, did you leave the hospital so soon?” Of course, Zoe knew that Cordy could not possibly call her
in front of Nancy.

‘Yeah. I just wanted to bring Dicky to visit her.’

’Oh. Where are you right now?”

’I’m heading to the office. Let’s have dinner tonight.”

‘Sure. Will your boyfriend be joining us?”

‘Yes, he will.’

‘I got a good look just now. He’s quite handsome,” Zoe teased.

“He’s pretty all right,” Cordy said shyly.

‘Pretty all right? You’re too humble. His looks will rank him in the 90th percentile of all men in the
country,” Zoe said agitatedly before adding,” But I don’t blame you for having such superior taste in
men. You used to have a man with looks that dazzled the entire country.”

Cordy pursed her lips.

Of course, she knew who Zoe was referring to.

“Did I just say something wrong?” Zoe noticed that Cordy went silent and immediately asked.

“No, you didn’t. It’s all in the past. Since I’ve committed myself to a new relationship, I’ve let go of
everything in the past,” Cordy said lightly.” Conversely, I’m quite happy with your character now. This
means that after you got together with Jay, you’ve become that heartless yet pure-hearted and happy
woman you used to be in the past.”

“Since when was I heartless?” Zoe feigned anger.

‘Yes, yes, you’re not heartless.” Cordy played along with her.

‘But I must admit that things are pretty good between Jay and I right now,” Zoe said honestly, ‘Had I
known that Jay left me because of so many reasons that he had no control over, I wouldn’t have hated
him so much. Come to think of it, have you seen the news about me and Jay?”

‘I have,” Cordy replied.

“Were you moved by our story?”

‘Yes, I was.”

‘Huh?’ Zoe furrowed her brows.

‘I’ve known about Jay’s heartaches for a long time.”

“What?!‘ Zoe exclaimed in shock. “How did you know about it? Why didn’t you tell me? Cordy Sachs,
whose best friend are you exactly?”

Cordy smiled bitterly upon being questioned by Zoe. “John told me about it once, but my reasons for
not telling you are the same as Jay’s. At first, we didn’t want you to be burdened by it. Subsequently,
the two of you passed each other by and I couldn’t find an appropriate chance to tell you about it.”

Zoe bit her lip.

Things had indeed passed by in a flurry between her and Jay.

Many times, it seemed as though things ground to a stop before anything started.

They never had the time to explain things to each other.

‘Thankfully, the two of you are finally happily together.” Cordy gave them her blessings, saying,

“Thank you,’ Zoe gladly accepted Cordy’s blessings.

She truly felt that she was very fortunate right now, and there was no need for her to hide her true

“I’ve reached my office. I’ll send you the address of the restaurant later,” Cordy said, “I’ve invited Quinn.
See if you can get Jay to invite Sam over as well.”

“Sure. I’ll tell Jay that.”

“See you tonight.”


They hung up and Zoe turned back.

She saw Jay seated on the floor playing with Yelena, and she simply could not hold herself back.

She held Jay’s face in her hands and planted a huge kiss right on his lips!

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