Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1057

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Jay was stunned for a moment as his ears turned red.

Yelena saw what her mommy did and her smiley face immediately turned sour. She said unhappily,
“Mommy, you played cheat! How could you kiss Daddy while we’re not paying attention!”

’Nonsense.” Zoe said in all seriousness, “Your daddy is my husband. I can kiss him anytime I want.”

“I don’t want that,” Yelena grumbled. “Daddy is my Daddy. He’s mine.”

“You’re wrong.” Zoe informed Yelena very seriously, “You daddy is forever mine. I’m just loaning him to
you for the time being and allowing him to play with you. Ultimately, he belongs to me.”

Boo hoo hoo! Daddy is mine!” Yelena was driven to tears by Zoe’s words.

“You must learn to accept reality. You can find your own husband in the future,” Zoe said ruthlessly.

Jay was rendered speechless.

Zoe was being calculative with a three-year-old.

“Yelena, don’t cry. I’ll always be your daddy,” Jay comforted her.

“Hmph.” Yelena immediately puffed her chest up and said, “Daddy said that he’s mine.”

“He’s bluffing you. He’ll chase you out of the house once you’re all grown up.”

’Boo hoo hoo…” Yelena burst into angry tears at Zoe’s words once again.

Zoe was suddenly in the best of moods.

Who asked Yelena to hog her husband all day?

’Daddy…” Yelena hugged Jay tight, refusing to let go.

Zoe scored and left happily.

Jay hugged Yelena back dotingly.

Happiness flooded his heart.

Zoe had called him her husband…

In the evening, Zoe and Jay headed to the address that Cordy sent them for dinner.

Quinn was invited as well, although Sam did not turn up.

Cordy gave Zoe a look that asked, “Why didn’t you call Sam over?”

Zoe, the loud person that she was, said outrightly, “I asked Jay to call Sam but he said he wasn’t free. I
asked him why and he refused to explain.”

She turned to look at Quinn. “Are things still bad between you and Sam?”

Quinn smiled. “But of course.”

‘What is he putting on airs for?”

“It’s not because of him.”

“If it’s not him then who could it be? You?!” Zoe would never think that the problem lay with Quinn.

Quinn had always been an obedient girl since she was young and a top student to boot.

“I am the problem.”

’What exactly did Sam do in his past life to deserve someone like you?” Zoe lamented.

Cordy said to Zoe, “Perhaps Sam really has something on. What’s more, it’s reasonable for him to feel
uncomfortable with me bringing my boyfriend to meet all of you.”

‘Why would he feel uncomfortable?!” Zoe just wanted to complain on Quinn’s behalf.

“Sam is John’s friend. What do you think?” Cordy was baffled.

Zoe was stunned.

That was when realization hit her.

Cordy gave a half smile and said, “Allow me to introduce my boyfriend, Patrick Stuart. These are two of
my best friends, Zoe York and Quinn Summer. This is Zoe’s husband, Jay Parker.”

‘Hi everyone. I’m Patrick,” he said very politely and greeted everyone by name, shaking their hands.

After the formalities, Patrick eagerly handed over presents that he had prepared for them. “Hope you
guys like them.”

“Not bad, not bad,” Zoe teased as she received the gift box.

Zoe and Quinn both received a Hermes scarf in their gift boxes.

“I have one too!” Cordy said as she lifted the scarf tied to her bag.

’Good taste.” Zoe was generous with her compliments.

“Thank you,” Patrick said humbly. “As long as all of you appreciate it. I was worried that I might not be
good enough.”

‘How could that be?” Zoe posed with her scarf to see how good she looked with it.

“I have big shoes to fill, after all.”

‘Ha ha ha, that’s true.” Zoe was frank.

Patrick admired Zoe’s personality.

She did not bother hiding her true feelings.

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