Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1061

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“After you’ve figured out your own feelings and made a decision, have a good chat with Sam and come
clean with where you stand.” Cordy gave Quinn her advice.

’Okay,” Quinn nodded.

‘Still want to drink?’ Cordy asked.

“Nah.” Quinn smiled.

She was almost done for the night.

If she drank more, she would become tipsy.

Unlike Zoe, who would wake up just fine the next morning after drinking much alcohol, Quinn would
feel terrible for an entire week if she were to get drunk.

What was more, Patrick had collapsed from drinking too much and it was time for him to head home

‘Then, let’s go.” Cordy stood up to help Patrick up.

‘ Need my help?”

‘ No need.” Cordy called out to Patrick. “Wake up.”

Patrick opened his eyes blearily and spluttered, “I’m not drunk. Let’s continue, come, come…”

‘Come on, time to head home.”

’I’m not drunk, I can still drink.”

‘Zoe is drunk.” Cordy was almost rendered speechless.

That was when Patrick realized that Zoe was not around.

He smiled smugly. “I can hold my liquor better after all.”


Patrick stumbled along as Cordy helped him out of the restaurant.

’Need a lift?” Cordy asked Quinn.

‘No thanks, I’m not drunk.”

‘Text me once you’re home.’


Cordy helped Patrick into the taxi.

Because they were all drinking and it was too late, Cordy did not make the driver wait for them. Instead,
she hailed the first taxi she saw outside the restaurant and headed back to the villa.

She had wanted to send Patrick to a hotel, but looking at how drunk he was, Cordy decided to bring
him back to her home.

She did not know if Richard would mind that.

She had invited Richard to join them for dinner, but he had turned her down.

She could sense that Richard and Patrick… At the end of the day, John was still his daddy.

But she hoped that Richard could eventually come to accept Patrick.

Cordy pondered for a moment before texting Richard to seek his opinion.

Just then, she realized that the taxi was going the wrong way.

It was not the way back to the villa.

It was not even taking the longer route. In fact, it was going the opposite direction.

Cordy’s heart leapt.

A bad feeling rose in her throat.

Before she could think about how to react, she found herself losing consciousness.

Oh no.

She had been drugged.

No wonder the taxi driver was wearing a mask.


A familiar voice sounded next to her.

Cordy opened her eyes blearily.

Everything was dark, and she did not know where she was right now.

She did not even know if it was day or night.

‘Cordy.’ Patrick called out to her again.

Cordy turned to the source of the voice and saw a figure in the darkness.

She moved her body, intending to move toward the direction of the voice.

That was when she realized that her arms and legs were all tied up and she could not move an inch.

“I think we’re being kidnapped,” Patrick said.

’Yeah,” Cordy replied.

She tried hard to suppress the anger in her.

She did not expect Nana’s influence to extend all the way to North City.

But she no longer had anything to do with John. Why would Nana do this?

Was Nana really psychologically twisted?

Was Nana never going to rest until she died?!

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