Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1065

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Nana hung up and returned to her bedroom.

Tonight, she had to wait till Cordy was dead before she could sleep in peace.

The night turned darker, and her phone rang.

Nana immediately answered the call with viciousness in her eyes. “Is she dead?”

‘ Ms. Lynd, we can’t find Cordy Sachs,” the voice from the other end answered her.

‘What!” Nana’s brows furrowed tight. “I told you that she’s in North City and I’ve even given you the
address of her villa there. How could you not find her?”

‘We really can’t. We even took the risk to sneak into her villa and confirmed that there’s no one inside.”

“Could she be with Patrick Stuart?”

‘Patrick Stuart wasn’t there either.”

“What about in Rocktown?”

“I’ve asked our men in Rocktown and Patrick Stuart did not go back there.”

“How could they simply disappear into thin air?!” Nana raged with fury.

“We’ll continue searching forthem!”

“After you find her, no matter what you do, just kill her immediately.”

Nana hung up and flung the phone on the floor!

‘Cordy Sachs!

‘Did you predict that I’d make a move on you?!

‘Is that why you’ve hidden yourself?!’

Nana sneered.

The viciousness in her eyes grew.

Did Cordy think Nana would not be able to find her even if she hid herself?

As long as Nana wanted to kill someone, she would be able to find them even if they buried themselves
three feet underground!

The next day, Cordy opened her eyes blearily.

The sunlight peeked through the curtains and they could barely make out the inside of the room.

She cleared her parched throat.

“Awake?!” An unfamiliar man’s voice sounded next to her, frightening her to death.

She turned to look but could hardly see what the man looked like in the dark.

It was not like she needed to see so clearly, though. He was probably a stranger to her, and she did not
find him the least bit familiar.

“Why did you kidnap us?!” Cordy questioned him loudly.

Patrick had woken up by then, and he looked at the other man in alarm, afraid that the man might do
something to harm Cordy.

“We are just hitmen paid to do this. Don’t ask anymore.”

“What are you going to do to us?!”

“We won’t do anything to you until we receive further instructions.”

“So you’re just going to lock us in here?!”

“I won’t answer you.”

Cordy gritted her teeth.

She knew that she would not be able to get any useful information from them.

“Are you hungry?” the man asked.

It turned out that they were here so early to deliver breakfast.

“I’ll get them to bring in breakfast.”

With that, the man walked out.

Very soon, he was back again, with two portions of breakfast in hand.

It was a warm bowl of oatmeal with eggs and some side dishes.

“How are we going to eat?” “I’ll feed you.”

“I’m not used to being fed.”

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