Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1066

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‘You can choose not to eat,” the man said coldly.

Cordy pursed her lips.

Was he so scared that she would run?

How could she possibly do that in such a dark and unfamiliar place?

Who would be so careful?!

This person also seemed to understand her very well.

‘ Do you want to eat or not?!” the man asked, clearly annoyed.

‘Yes, she’ll eat.” Patrick immediately answered on her behalf, worried that she might go hungry.

Cordy did not reject the man further. ’Thank you.”

The man was stunned for a moment, as he did not expect Cordy to be so courteous to him.

Of course, such professional business people would never expose their true feelings so easily.

He picked up a spoon and fed Cordy, spoon by spoon.

The temperature of the food was just right. Meanwhile, the consistency of the oatmeal was perfect and
even the eggs were boiled to the degree she enjoyed, while the side dishes were refreshing and tasty.

Cordy chewed through her food, eating very slowly.

She did not feel like the tall man was particularly good-mannered, but he did not rush her at all.

After finishing a bowl of oatmeal, the man asked, “More?”

’No thanks.”

The man stood up and walked toward Patrick, who did not resist the man and gobbled up his breakfast.

After he was done, the door was shut once again.

“Who in the world kidnapped us? Is this how hostages are treated?” Patrick was still feeling annoyed.

Cordy was comparatively calmer.

She said, “I have a bold conjecture.”

‘You have a guess?”

Cordy was really smart, not just ordinarily so.

‘Don’t you find this kidnapping incident very strange? Nana is the prime suspect, but if she were really
behind this, we would have died much

earlier on. Even if we didn’t die, we would be half dead. Yet now, there’s even someone feeding us

’The key is that the breakfast was not even bad! Whoever prepared it knew that we drank alcohol last
night and gave us oatmeal that would be easy on our stomachs. The taste of the oatmeal was superb

Patrick clearly noticed that something was wrong as well.

‘Yes. So I suspect that the person who kidnapped us does not wish to harm us.’ Cordy put forth her

‘You mean…” Patrick got it immediately.

He thought of the answer in a split second.

‘Yes.” Cordy nodded. “I suspect it’s Sean.”

‘Is he mad? Kidnapping us? Is he hiding some earth-shattering secret?!

Goodness!” Patrick exclaimed agitatedly, “Is he attacking you for a start because he secretly wants to
seize the Cranstons’ family business?”

‘Can’t you be slightly more realistic?’ Cordy said exasperatedly, “You get so easily agitated each time
Sean’s name is mentioned. Do you have a grudge with him in your past life?”

’I…” Patrick was rendered speechless.

He didn’t think that he felt particularly agitated about Sean. Did he not treat everyone the same way?

’If Sean had wanted to seize the Cranstons’ family business, he wouldn’t need to do anything
underhanded. All he needs to do is to tell my grandfather that he wants to inherit the family business
and my grandfather will let him. Aside from Jesse Cranston, Sean Cranston is the most ambitious of
the entire Cranston family! Do you really think Sean needs to resort to something so arduous and

‘Then why would he kidnap us?”

’He’s protecting us.” Cordy was very sure about it.


’Sean is probably making a move on the Lynds and it’s probably something dangerous. Sean must’ve
kidnapped us in order to prevent me from interrupting his plans.”

’If he doesn’t want you interrupting his plans, why didn’t he just tell you? Why must he resort to such a

’ Because if he doesn’t do something like this. I’d certainly step in,” Cordy said frankly.

Patrick mumbled with a tinge of exasperation in his voice. “You know that you’re not very obedient,

’I just don’t want Sean shouldering everything by himself.’

Patrick suddenly fell silent.

He was probably reflecting upon how dangerous things were getting.

If they were not dangerous, Sean would not do something so extreme. ‘Find a way to escape,” Cordy
suddenly said with determination.

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