Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1067

Patrick was stunned for a long while before he finally mumbled, “Can’t you just comply with Sean’s

Cordy was surprised to hear that. ‘Since when did you begin standing on Sean’s side?”

Patrick paused for a moment before asking her back, “Did I?”

‘Didn’t you just do so?”

‘I just think that Sean’s considerations are legitimate. If what he’s doing is dangerous, why aren’t you
avoiding it?’

‘If I’m afraid of danger, won’t they be too?” Cordy said with exasperation in her voice, “Why can’t we
face whatever comes together?”

‘ Perhaps Sean thinks that he can handle it alone.”

‘If he thought he could, he wouldn’t have kidnapped me.”

Patrick was at a loss for words. He suddenly said tentatively, “Is it possible that it might not be Sean
who kidnapped us? Even if you refuse to listen to him, he just needs to lock you up and there’s no need
for him to resort to such means.”

‘The reason is simple. Sean doesn’t want me to be angry. He clearly knows that I’ll hate him for life if he
blatantly locks me up. He’s doing things this way so he would be above suspicion.”

‘Fine.” Patrick decided to stop doubting.

He did not really doubt Cordy’s guess, but he just did not want Cordy risking her life, so he deliberately
cast doubt over the possibility.

Clearly, he had no way of convincing Cordy.

She was smart and logical.

‘Now we should think of a way to escape,” Cordy said solemnly.

Are you sure about this?”

‘We must go out and take a look. I’m really worried something bad might happen.”

‘Okay,” Patrick responded.

Silence ensued between the both of them as they were both deep in thought about how to escape from
this place.

Back in the capital, sleep evaded Nana the entire night.

She glared at the messages in her phone, which told of how Cordy could not be found even until now.

Why did that woman suddenly disappear into thin air?!

A sound came from outside the room.

Nana pulled off her sheets and got out of bed.

She knew that Lucas was awake.

Nowadays, he would often leave the house early and come back late.

Nana knew that he had work to do. Now that he had set up business in the capital, there were many
things he had to deal with in persons

’Lucas!” Nana called out to him.

John turned around.

’Going to work so early?’

‘Today is the weekend, I’m not going to work,’ John said frankly.

That was when Nana realized that it was the weekend.

‘Then where are you headed to?”

‘Nowhere. I’m going to make breakfast.’ With that, John walked into the open-concept kitchen.

Nana suddenly felt flattered.

She did not expect Lucas to prepare breakfast for her.

He has been cold and distant toward here during this period, yet he chose to stay at home during the

She thought that he would find an excuse to work overtime even during the weekends.

Nana looked at Lucas busying himself around the kitchen.

As long as he was willing to live his life with her in peace, she would have no qualms about sparing

Twenty minutes later, John was done whipping up a sumptuous breakfast.

He placed the dishes on the table and said casually, ‘Time to eat.”

Nana was stunned.

She was unsure if Lucas was calling out to her.

‘Have you had breakfast already?” John looked up at her.

‘No, it’s just… never mind. I’ll eat now.” Nana did not dare reject him, for fear that any ounce of
hesitation would cause him to stop her from eating breakfast with him.

She sat before the table.

It was like a dream, sitting next to Lucas eating so calmly.

After they got married, it was clear for all to see how coldly Lucas treated her.

She knew that Lucas was forced to marry her, but she was sure that she would make him fall for her
one day.

Was Lucas gradually changing?

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