Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1069

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‘Yes, sir,” one of the servants immediately replied.

They even gave him a knowing smile.

To them, John and Nana were newlyweds and it was absolutely reasonable forthem to occasionally go
overboard in their bedroom activities.

Therefore, Nana’s fatigue did not make them suspicious.

What was more, John looked so natural and composed.

There was no loophole to be spotted.

He carried Nana upstairs.

When he previously came to the Lynd residence, he took note of where all the surveillance cameras
were located.

There was only one surveillance camera installed on the second floor which was along the corridor.

As long as he avoided that surveillance camera, the Lynd family members would not notice a thing.

John first carried Nana back to her old room, then he opened the door to the balcony and climbed out
without any hesitation. He hung on the outside of the balcony and leapt onto the air conditioning unit
attached to the exterior of the house. He then grabbed onto the railing of another balcony and lurched

This room he entered was the nearest to the room he wanted to enter, and the corridor that this room
led to was in the blind spot of the surveillance camera.

After John successfully landed, he exhaled out loud before walking out of the room.

Meanwhile, the Lynds who were heading toward the Cranston residence suddenly received a call.
“Nana and Lucas went back home?”

‘Yes. Ms. Lynd looked very tired and she was carried back home by Mr. Lynch. He told us not to disturb
them,” one of the servants reported.

Nana’s father held onto his phone and told Jean, ‘Mom, Lucas and Nana went back home.”

” Why didn’t they inform us beforehand?” Jean’s sharp eyes were incisive.

‘I’ll call them and ask,” Nana’s father immediately said.

‘No need for now. We don’t need to guard against Nana. Our main concern should be Lucas. He had a
thing with Cordy Sachs previously and Nana forced him to marry her. I’m worried he might seek
revenge. But there isn’t much of a problem as long as he remains under our watch. Let the butler watch
Lucas closely, but tell him not to be too bothered if there isn’t any funny business,” Jean said. “Nana
fought so hard for this marriage. At least on the surface, we should treat Lucas as a member of the

’Yes,” Nana’s father said respectfully before bowing his head to the phone and instructing the servant,
“Keep on Lucas but don’t let him find out. Inform us right away if you sense anything amiss.”

’Yes, sir.”

After the call ended, the butler instinctively wanted to go upstairs to take a look.

He pondered for a moment before turning around and walking toward the surveillance room instead.
He instructed the security guard in the surveillance room, “Check what Mr. Lynch is up to.”


The security guard zoomed in to the appropriate screen.

‘ Mr. Lynch carried Ms. Lynd into the room and never came out.’

“Watch him closely. Call me the moment he comes out.”


After the butler made the necessary arrangements, he left with a peace of mind.

At that moment, John had already arrived in front of a room door.

This was the study and the item he wanted was right inside.

The Lynd family had an unwritten rule which was that no one was allowed inside the study unless they
had express permission from Jean. Even the job of cleaning the study had to be done by the butler
whom Jean trusted the most.

Due to this rule, even if the door was left open, no one would dare to trespass and so the door was
never locked.

Therefore, John entered the study with ease.

The study was huge, with many items and books displayed in the room.

He was at a loss at where to begin.

John looked around quickly, not wanting to take too much time.

He swiftly identified a spot and began looking for the information he wanted, and he acted fast.

His movements looked disorderly, but there was an order in his approach.

He did not have much time.

The moment Jean realized that ‘Jesse’ was a fake, she would return very soon.

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