Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1071

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In the Lynds’ car, Keith-Nana’s father-was pondering to himself for a while as he watched the car ahead
before saying, “Mom, don’t you think Sean is playing us?”

Jean looked at her son then.

She was no pushover since she had seen action herself for years, and while she trusted Sean at first,
she was now skeptical of Sean’s true motives.

’Think about it,” Keith continued. ‘He was keeping things from us for so long, telling us that Jesse had
woken up before, but now he’s suddenly telling us that it’s all a lie? What do you think he’s trying to

‘Stop following him,” Jean said resolutely right then.

’What?” Keith exclaimed in surprise.

‘There’s no need to play Sean’s game now that we suspect he has something up his sleeve,” Jean
explained. “Most of the Cranstons are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but Sean is quite something.
He’s competent, and he’s been pretty close with Cordy Sachs-that woman can achieve success on her
own in North City, and she must not be underestimated.”

Pausing, she then added confidently, ’I suspect that Sean may have caught on to the truth.”

Keith was skeptical. “But we’ve been so careful…”

‘Either way, being wary is the best policy here.”

‘Okay.’ Keith did not hesitate, though he found it a pity. ’We almost could’ve finished the job right there.”

He then told the chauffeur exasperatedly, ‘Let’s head home.”

‘Yes, Mr. Lynd.”

The car promptly turned around and sped off.

Sean had been keeping an eye on their car, and seeing that they were driving away, he knew that the
window he bought for John stopped here.

After some thought, he called the Lynds anyway.

Keith checked the caller ID and said, “It’s Sean.”

“I’ll answer it.” Jean took the phone immediately.


‘It’s me,” Jean said bluntly.

‘ Ma’am. I just wanted to ask why isn’t your car following ours?”

‘I really want to see your grandfather too, Sean, but I’m suddenly a little dizzy and I feel like my heart is
palpitating. It must be my blood pressure spiking again, so I had my chauffeur drive us home,” Jean
replied frailly.

‘ Alright, you should get some rest if you’re feeling sick, ma’am. Grandfather’s vitals are all normal, so
we can wait a couple of days.”

‘Thank you for being so understanding,” Jean said, still pretending to be sickly. “I’ll contact you myself
when I’m better.”

‘Okay. Please stay healthy, ma’am.”

“Of course.”

Sean put away his phone.

He had already texted John while he spoke to Jean over the phone-he bought John as much time as
he could, and the final outcome was up to John’s own ability.

John was still calm when he saw the text from Sean.

He was in the study of Lynd Manor, and he only had ten minutes.

If he could not find it within that time…

Still, he stayed undistracted and kept rummaging, even as every passing moment meant the Lynds
were closer to reaching home.

That was when he felt a button at the tip of his fingers.

He hesitated for a moment and pressed it.

The door to a hidden compartment opened right then, and there was a three-foot tall safe placed

If his hunch was right, what he wanted was inside.

John stayed calm, however, since there must be a password for the safe- one would never crack it just
because they wanted to, and too many attempts might cause it to be locked permanently.

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