Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1072

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John took a deep breath, allowing himself to react before taking out a bottle and sprayed the contents
over the number pad of the safe.

The bottle contained a special spray-Sean had prepared it for him, and it would reveal the fingerprints
on the number pad within seconds, identifying the numbers which the passcode consisted of.

Coming up with the actual combination, however, depended entirely on luck.

John noted down the numbers and started to deduce the passcode.

Most people would have a set pattern when they decide on their passcode, like a birthday or numbers
that meant something.

He took a deep breath and tried to arrange the numbers according to the birthdates of most of the

Still his first attempt was wrong.

He calmed down and keyed in another combination.

It did not work either.

John’s sweat was raining down at that point-he really did not have much time, just as the Lynds could
well show up at the very next second.

He closed his eyes, running the numbers to find anything possibly corresponding to everyone’s mobile
number to their ID number through and through.

He suddenly owned his eyes and quickly tapped a combination, and the safe opened with a click.

It was the ID of Jean’s departed husband-but reversed.

John did not have time to breathe, and he quickly rummaged through the documents inside.

But the moment he reached in, a siren suddenly started blaring in the study.

It was only then that John realized he was too excited to notice the motion sensor in the safe and
tripped it in turn.

He gritted his teeth, but he stayed in the study and kept searching for what he wanted.

Meanwhile, the siren was resounding all over the manor.

Downstairs, Doug Keaton-the butler of Lynd Manor-panicked the instant he heard it, and barked at four
black-clad bodyguards, ’Come with me!’

They quickly followed him upstairs, storming into the study only to find it empty with no one in sight.

Still, Doug nervously hurried to the safe in the study-barring Jean, only he got to enter this room freely.

His face fell when he saw that it was open. He barked, ’Seal every exit-no one gets in or out. And start
searching the manor!”

After that, he called Jean. “Ma’am, we have a problem.”

‘What is it?” Jean’s expression clearly darkened just then.

Keith could clearly sense the air around him suddenly becoming suffocating.

“Your safe… Someone opened it.”

“Who did?!”

“I don’t know, but whoever it was tripped the alarm inside before vanishing.

But I’ve already sent our people to block the main gates. No one would get in or out!”

‘Well, is there anything missing from the safe?”

Doug quickly checked, and his face fell. “Ma’am… It’s the most vital document. It’s gone.”

“Nana and Lucas just returned today, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, but they weren’t seen in the cameras-’

“It’s Lucas. Get him right now!” Jean immediately singled out her target without thinking!

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