Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1073

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Having received his orders, Doug promptly brought two bodyguards with him and charged straight
toward Nana’s room, reaching for the doorknob right away without any intention to knock.

However, it was locked from the inside.

Ms. Lynd,” Doug said loudly and sternly. ‘Open the door. We have something important to do and must
get in there!”

There was no response.

“Open the door, or I’ll kick it down,” Doug growled.

“I can’t right now,” Nana finally said.

“Sorry about this!”

Doug completely refused to listen to Nana, and at his word, one of the bodyguards strode up and
kicked the door open.

“Hey!” Nana shrieked inside the room as she tightened her fingers over her blanket, revealing her bare

It was enough skin to show that she was not dressed.

‘What the hell?! What are you doing in my room?!”

Doug, however, was unmoved and barked at the bodyguards, “Search the room!”

“Don’t you dare!” Nana snapped.

However, the bodyguards went to work-they only obeyed Doug and naturally did not care how Nana
was trying to stop them.

“How dare you do this to me?! I’ll tell Grandma to fire you!” Nana snapped at Doug.

“This is of vital importance, so please cooperate, Ms. Lynd. If you take offense to my conduct, you may
punish me however you see fit,” Doug replied, respectful but even sterner than before now.

Nana gritted her teeth. “What are you looking for?”

“Your husband.” Doug did not hide it.


“He took away some important documents that concern the family. If you know where he is, please tell
us for the sake of the big picture,” Doug said grimly, just as the bodyguards finished their search.

There was nothing, and the only possibility was… Nana’s bed.

Doug was staring at it for a moment, and Nana noticed that.

Her face fell. “Don’t you dare!”

“We won’t do anything if you hand Mr. Lynch over to us… but if you insist on sheltering him, you can’t
blame us for this!”

‘He’s not here! I have no idea where he went!” Nana snapped, utterly furious. “If you do anything to me,
I’ll have you killed!”

Nonetheless, Doug barked, “It’s not our fault since you refuse to cooperate. Go!”

Nana’s face turned pale, and her fingers clenched on her blanket as she shuddered and growled
threateningly, “How dare you, Doug!”

However, the bodyguards had strode up to Nana as Doug looked on and pried her blanket off,
exposing her naked form right then.

And she was the only person under the blanket.

“Are you done?!” Nana shrieked, feeling murderous right then.

Doug blinked for a moment and quickly turned away.

’ Apologies,” he said and barked at the bodyguards, “Keep searching!”

“Yes, sir,” they replied.

As they headed for the door, Nana snapped hysterically, “Shut the door!”

Doug did so as he left.

But as soon as he did…

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