Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1074

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Nana quickly got out of bed and rushed to the balcony to see Lucas carefully advancing through the
balcony, her eyes filled with hatred even as she watched him.

She would have murdered him immediately if she was not so hopelessly in love with him.

What on earth did he take from his family that Doug would go that far?!

And he never answered when she asked him… He just woke her and then quickly left.

Naturally, Nana was well aware that he did that so she would cover for him, and she immediately took
off her clothes when she heard Doug at the door.

She bought time for Lucas to run away, which he was doing now without so much as looking back.

If he really got away, she had no idea what would befall her family!

She gritted her teeth and quickly put her clothes on.

John hid himself behind a thicket in the back garden.

He was already prepared to be caught in the act and therefore pinpointed the location of every security
camera in Lynd Manor, finding a clear route before leaving.

However, it was impossible for him to get out through the front gates. It would definitely have been
locked as more people joined the search for him, and the high-voltage fences surrounding Lynd Manor
would definitely be activated by now to stop him from climbing it too.

He was panting slightly-leaving was not going to be easy even if Nana bought him time.

In fact, he was not at all confident that Nana would help him.

It was at the very last second, when Doug and his men charged into the study, that he found the
documents he wanted before jumping out of the window and climbing back into Nana’s room from the

He knew very well that he would be the first person that the Lynds suspected, and he was not getting
away when every inch of it was monitored.

That was why he had to get Nana to come over for him and therefore returned to her room to wake her.

Nana was certainly smart enough to deduce the situation, and it was always a gambit-he might have a
shot at staying alive if he won, but if he lost, he would be dead right then and there.

Obviously, the gambit paid off.

He owed Nana again-and it was different this time.

Before this, it was only ever between them, whereas the entire Lynd family was here this time.

John’s fingers clenched on the documents—he was not getting away right now.

The only solution was…

John carefully scanned his surroundings before digging into the soil with his bare hands, clawing as
deep as possible and burying the documents as deep as he could. After that, he replaced the grass
and set some dried leaves over it.

Ensuring that it looked just like any other patch of ground, he took several photos of the location,
quickly sent it to Sean, and deleted them soon after.

If he was not making it out, Sean could come up with some idea to get in and take those documents. 1

When everything was done, he quickly turned around, retracing his footsteps.

He knew very well that he was not getting through the front gates-the closer to the exit, the more
people there would be.

And they knew he was not going to disappear into thin air as long as he did not make it out.

That was why he doubled back and returned to Nana’s room.

Nana had just put on her clothes and was ready to leave when he returned, and she was caught off
guard in that instant!

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