Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1078

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Without another word, the man picked Cordy up and was prepared to leave. “I’m taking her to the

“I’m going too,” Patrick demanded, leaving the man in a dilemma.

‘No.’ Cordy refused right then.


“I’ll be right back.”

’Cordy!” Patrick’s eyes were already red-it was obvious that Cordy did not want him to take the risk with

He even knew that she was doing this for his own good.

But he did not need that.

“I can take care of myself-“

‘How you feel toward Sean is how I feel toward you. You won’t allow him to risk himself, so do you think
I would?” Patrick demanded as loudly as he could. “Am I that unworthy of your trust, or have you never
considered me your ally?”

Cordy was left stumped by Patrick’s words, just as he continued sharply, ’ Did you think I’d keep on
living if you died? Because I’m telling you-l sure won’t!”

Cordy pursed her lips, but she had to admit that it was out of her selfishness that she wanted to keep
Patrick and was reluctant for him to get involved with danger like her.

Others should never get involved in the Cranston family’s affair, but she could understand where
Patrick was coming from.

And he was right-if she was reluctant to let Sean face the Lynds alone, would Patrick bear to let her go
alone as well, when he loved her so dearly?!

“He’s coming with me,” Cordy said determinedly then, refusing to hesitate.

Whatever happened soon was something to worry about in the future, and right now, she refused to
leave Patrick behind.

‘No!’ The man refused right then. ‘He has to stay here!’

Cordy quickly took Patrick’s hand just then, interlocking her fingers with his while saying resolutely, ’I’ll
stay and die here in agony if he doesn’t come with me.”

‘ Are you threatening me?”

‘You’d have trouble explaining yourself if I died, won’t you?’

’Tch…” The man clicked his tongue, left in a dilemma just then.

’Ow… It hurts so much suddenly…” Cordy started shaking again, looking utterly anguished.

The man had no choice but to ask the other man to keep an eye on Patrick as they left the building

It was only after they headed outside that they realized they had been kept at a villa up in the hills-it
was a grand place, but the place was exceedingly quiet.

It had to be one of the holiday houses that the Cranstons had in North City that no one knew about.

There was a black sedan parked nearby, and one of the men carried Cordy while the other restrained
Patrick, all while Cordy and Patrick kept holding on to each other’s hands.

They all got in the car, which bound straight for the hospital.

Along the way, Cordy would keep feigning pain, and it looked so real on each occasion.

Patrick would have had a heart attack if he was not aware that she was just pretending.

Once at the hospital, Cordy insisted that Patrick go in with her, and the men had to undo Patrick’s
shackles so as to not draw attention.

They had already freed Cordy earlier when they first got in the car, so they all alighted together.

The medical staff had a stretcher waiting, and Cordy was put on it, still clutching her belly while her
whole body trembled in pain.

As the medical staff quickly wheeled Cordy into the emergency room, Cordy was promptly back to
normal. “I was kidnapped. Please call the cops.

While the doctor stared at Cordy blankly, she added urgently, “I’m fine.

Please help me.”

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