Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1080

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’I’m very sure,” Patrick replied.

Cordy did not say anything else at that.

After all, she once considered dying with a certain someone before and could therefore empathize with

After over two hours, they arrived, and Cordy called Sean immediately after she and Patrick
disembarked from their flight. ‘Where are you right now?”

Sean sighed ever so faintly. “You’re back in the capital?’

‘Yeah,” Cordy replied with composure.

‘I’m near Lynd Manor.”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-she actually anticipated Sean to be on the move, but it still left her heart
pounding that he actually went ahead.

It was much faster than she planned, since she always believed that they should at least prepare for
months-even years-just to be safe.

Doing it in a matter of days was just out of the question.

Was Sean really that desperate?

‘I’ll be right over.” Cordy did not ask questions over the phone-she had to go with the plan
unconditionally now that Sean made his move.

Cordy and Patrick headed straight to the place Sean told them, and his people received them after they

They were actually careful even as they traveled, and they found Sean scowling when they saw him.

He had always been stoic, but anyone could see his misgivings right then. It was obvious that things
were not going well-one might even say that it was at the worst case scenario at the moment.

‘What is it?’ Cordy asked. “Did the Lynds catch on? Or… Or did something happen to Jesse?”

Sean stared at her for a moment before turning toward Patrick.

‘ Don’t worry-he’s on our side.” Cordy thought Sean was skeptical about Patrick and therefore kept

Sean nodded, but said, “Neither. The Lynds are suspicious, but not at a worrying rate. Grandfather is
still fine, his vitals still good even though he’s still unconscious.”

“Then, what?” Cordy was confused-why was Sean reacting like that if things were not at their worst
right now?

‘John Levine is in trouble,” Sean said very slowly and clearly just then.

Both Cordy and Patrick were stunned.

Why would John be involved in the conflict between the Lynds and the Cranstons?

‘Could it be?’

Patrick then exclaimed in surprise, “He was your mole?!”

Cordy pursed her lips, but she obviously thought of that too.

Sean nodded, and Patrick demanded in agitation, “Why would he do that?! He married Nana! He’s a
part of the Lynd family now!”

Sean said nothing.

‘Wait, did John actually marry Nana just to take down the Lynds? He never felt a thing for her?”

“Yeah,” Sean replied.

Patrick swore under his breath, feeling exceedingly aggrieved just then.

However, Cordy remained composed as he turned towards her, and she asked Sean, “When did you
start working with him? Why didn’t you tell me?”

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